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Share good puns and jokes.

A horse decides that he wants to learn to play the guitar, so he buys a guitar and starts taking guitar lessons and soon starts to become really good at playing.

One day his friend, a sheep, sees horse playing the guitar and asks what he's doing. Sheep is amazed and tells horse he's always wanted to learn to play the drums and, with horse's encouragement, he decides to start doing so and asks if he can play with horse.

Soon, another friend of theirs, a pig, sees horse and sheep having fun and ask if they want to try forming a band or something, he's actually been taking bass guitar lessons and he thinks this'd be great fun. Horse and sheep both agree and pig joins their band.

Even sooner afterwards, they get their other friends, a cow (who can play the piano) and a chicken (who's been taking vocal lessons) to join with them and finally their band, which they decide to call Horse and Friends, is fully assembled.

So, horse and his friends spend all their free time practicing their sound and working on their first ever song. After some months of practice, they start performing in local spots for free, just to try and get some local exposure and hope that maybe, just maybe, they'll get their big break.

And they're in luck! A big shot record producer just happened to be at the local bar they played and and he loved their sound and wants to sign them to his record label. Horse, sheep, pig, cow, and chicken are all so excited that they've finally made it into the professional music world that they immediately sign the contract and now Horse and Friends is a full fledged band with a label and everything!

It's all going great for Horse and Friends as they start performing at paid venues and working on their debut album. While they haven't blown up yet, they're all having fun and making money from their hard work.

After months of hard work, Horse and Friends releases their debut album and it becomes a smash hit and soars to the top of the Billboard charts! They've made it! Not only are they a professional band attached to a label but now they have a hit record to their name too! Things can only go up from here!

To celebrate the success of their debut album, their producer tells them that they're going to go on their first ever world tour with their first destination being fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! He also tells them that they're going to need to get ready and start packing immediately because their flight to Vegas is in three days.

After three days, they're all at the airport fully packed and ready to go when horse receives a phone call. It's from the local hospital, something has happened to his mother and she's currently in the hospital. Horse tells his friends and producer what happened and they all tell him to go to the hospital and check on his mother, with his producer also telling him to just catch the next flight to Vegas he can because the actual concerts won't be held for another week and it'll be fine if it's another day or so before he gets to Vegas.

So horse goes to the hospital to see his mother. Luckily for both her and him, it was nothing life threatening. She fell and fractured her hip and is going to need some surgery, but the doctors expect her to make a full recovery from her injury.

Horse wishes his mother well and thanks the doctors at the hospital and decides to head home to book the next flight to Vegas, he doesn't want to keep his bandmates waiting for him for too long. As he walks through the halls of the hospital, he glances into a room that's opened and catches the TV news reporting on a plane crash.

'Oh no, how terrible' he thinks to himself as horse takes out his phone and searches for information about the plane crash on it. What he learns about the accident completely shocks him to his core.

It was a plane that crashed shortly after takeoff and it's highly likely that all were killed on impact.

The flight took off from his city's airport.

It was a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was the flight that horse's friends and bandmates were on.

Horse becomes completely broken and devastated. Not only has his entire dream and future just ended in an instant but he's also lost every single one of friends in that same instant. They're all gone, every single one of them. Sheep, pig, cow, and chicken. All of his closest friends and his bandmates - gone.

Horse spends the next few weeks effectively cooped up at home, just not sure what to do with the loss of nearly everyone he held dear to him. While some members of the media have tried to get him to say something about the tragedy, most are understanding and don't wish to pry and instead wait respectfully for him to make a statement, if he ever decides to say anything about it.

One day, horse makes the decision. The pain is too much for him to handle, so he's going to just drink himself to death. At least that way he won't be suffering like this anymore and maybe, just maybe, he'll be able to reunite with his friends in the afterlife.

So a horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks, 'Why the long face?'

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