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New aspie physics student from the UK

Ted Sparks

Active Member
Hey guys,

I'm new to the site and am eager to see some of the advice on offer. I'm a 21-year-old Theoretical Physics student and will be going into the 2nd year of my degree this month. I'm interested in gaming, fantasy books (Stephen King, GoT), maths and anyone with similar interests.

I primarily came to this site as I am anxious about going back to college after getting extremely homesick in my first year. It's hard to describe, but I miss my home and feel like I can't function when I live away. Every time I think about living at university I feel like crying and almost do. It's driving me mad as it distracts me from doing my uni work.

Any help would be much appreciated. I look forward to being part of this community.
Hi Ted

welcome to af.png
Welcome Ted.
Quite a while ago, I was a physics major at a University about 200 miles from home. I had no idea that I was an Aspie, but I was affected by it. I misunderstood so many things people said and did that I ended up totally alone among hundreds of students. I had multiple meltdowns without knowing what they were nor how to cope with them.
My life got some stability when some good people reached out to me with kindness and encouragement.
At first I refused their attention out of fear. Gradually they helped me get by some of the fear.
My advice is to look for the really nice people. They may not be the “cool” ones and they may be hard to find. Don’t be fooled by braggarts and show offs (like I was at first).
I think finding a friend or two is just as important as the course work.
Welcome to the Forums!
Another Stephen King enthusiast here too.
And philosophy lover.
It's hard to describe, but I miss my home and feel like I can't function when I live away
I've felt like this all my life. I went to Uni in the town I lived in so I didn't have to go through being
away from home.
If you can find some honest friend/s it would help.
Be wise though. Glad to see you on board. :)

I went to Uni about 800 miles away from home. It was ok because I studied my special interest. I was around some family a few hundred miles away.

The hardest thing was the social and neuro issues, and they were indeed enough to bring me to tears as well. I went to the therapist at the school, but it was pretty weak advice, nothing I could not have found on my own.

The only advice I could give in a situation that you might have to stay is, is heavy immersion in special interest. Can you really zone out into your SI? I can almost get into a trance and it blocks out all the other stuff.

Is Physics your SI? That certainly can be absorbing.

I hope you can find ways. It's very hard, but people here have a lot of experience and great advice. I hope we can help.

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