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  1. S

    New to forum, currently studying Level 2 in Autism Awareness looking to chat to people whilst i study

    Hello, I am studying Level 2 in Autism Awareness after completing Level 2 in Counselling Skills and Supporting Children's Mental Health and Well-being online at Open University, I live on my own in rented accommodation and don't have a network of people to talk to about what I am studying and...
  2. A

    Participants from New Zealand Wanted

    Hello everyone, I am an Honours Student from Massey University. I am conducting a study focusing on how Autistic University graduates experienced their time in university, graduation and entering the workforce. If you identify as autistic, are from New Zealand and have graduated from...
  3. S

    Hello! Research Study

    Hello everyone, I am an undergraduate student at University in the United Kingdom. I am completing my final year and in order to complete my study I am required to undertake some research. I have chosen to research autism, and I am looking for parents who have a child with autism in the United...
  4. L

    Autism and University

    Hi everyone, I am currently doing a lot of research on Autism and looking at how Autistic people find their experience at university, whether this is a good experience or bad. I have created a short questionnaire I would be grateful if anyone could fill out if it is applicable to you. Thanks...
  5. L

    Autism and University/College

    Hi everyone, my name is Leah and I am currently studying Product Design at university. As part of this I am researching the social, attitudinal and/or physical barriers autistic people may face at university or college. I am hoping to create an app which will help eliminate or reduce some of...
  6. L

    Autism and university/college

    Hi everyone, my names Leah and I am currently studying Product Design at university. As part of this I am researching the social, attitudinal and/or physical barriers autistic people may face in this type of educational setting. I am hoping to design an app which will help reduce some of these...
  7. CrazyInTrains

    I'll start university soon and I want to make friends, do you have any tips?

    I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but I haven't really found much when searching. I'll start at university at the Biomedicin analyst program (in Sweden) in about a week (yes, I'm good at procrastinating) and I really want to try to make some friends (and at some point maybe a...
  8. C

    Biopsychology Final Project

    Hello! My name is Camryn! I am a university student and I have been working on a biopsychology project for the past three months. My project has been centered around Autism and other related autism spectrum disorders (ASD). As the last piece of my assignment, I am to take steps to help aid the...
  9. Emzical

    What adjustments would have helped you to do a degree?

    Hi, I'm just wondering about those on the spectrum and what struggles they faced during their degree. What would have helped and did you finish or drop out of your degree? I would love to hear from people who didn't have the opportunity to study and why this was. Sometimes I don't understand...
  10. stratocaster

    Autism and Higher Education

    A blog about my experiences at university having recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. It will include perspectives on social interactions and friendships, academics and organization, disability accommodations and community support, and much more. I'm writing this for the...
  11. Jasonvl

    Aspie Adults in ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA

    Looking for other people to meet here in Adelaide who are like me. Feel free to contact me. If you are a university student, I am at Flinders University and can help where I can.
  12. Emzical

    University (getting through it)

    If you did a degree. How did you get through it, what support was put in place for you? Did anyone develop a panic disorder, which made it impossible to attend classes? Did you find you were treated differently by pupils and staff? Anyone had a horrendous university experience and did you stay...
  13. My university experience

    Quick intro

    Just a quick one. Hopefully, this blog is going to focus on my experience with my course and the exciting things I learn. In time, it may evolve into something completely different; like how I manage to survive while living away from home or just my experience on the incredible city that is...
  14. Ted Sparks

    New aspie physics student from the UK

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site and am eager to see some of the advice on offer. I'm a 21-year-old Theoretical Physics student and will be going into the 2nd year of my degree this month. I'm interested in gaming, fantasy books (Stephen King, GoT), maths and anyone with similar interests. I...
  15. Daydreamer

    When should someone seek a diagnosis for a learning disability? Poll.

    I am curious to hear people's opinions on this. Personally, I have struggled with basic arithmetic for most of my life, my friends and family suspect that I have dyscalculia, and whenever I've read into it I've found myself relating to the symptoms, and some online tips I once found for...
  16. DesertRose

    College and university

    I'm curious. I've read several posts on here saying that it took them longer than required to finish and graduate higher education. To clarify my curiosity, I never went to college or university, so I really don't have a clue how those schools work. I have done some correspondence work, work...
  17. Jorg

    Dismissing a bad lab partner from university

    Hello! As many of you may recall or not, I'm an electronic engineering student, I'm a very "strict" or at least I try to be responsable with my work even if I may not understand WTH is about. For years I've been struggling with lab/project parters, lack of interest from them, lack of "good"...
  18. Jorg

    Working with "interesting" female in a group full of guys

    I didn't know if I should post this here or love/dating section. Anyway, I'm very confused and I don't know what the hell is happenning. You'll see, I'm starting to get to now a female collegue here in university. In electronics engineering there aren't a lot of women, I think the guy-girl...
  19. D

    College Students with ASD

    Attention all college students with ASD (including what was formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome), we are looking to hear about your experiences as a university student! Your feedback will be very beneficial in helping to develop a social support program for Loyola students with ASD. Survey...
  20. A

    Using the college library?

    Hello all! We are conducting research about the experiences of college students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the academic library. Are you a college student? Do you identify as being on the autism spectrum? Do you use the library? Students will be asked to complete surveys and/or...
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