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Musical artists I can't stand.


Gone sideways to the sun
V.I.P Member
Hmmm, Beatles. I think that they aren't as good as their hype makes them out to be, and their earlier albums have catchy melodies which appealed to the mainly teenage audience at the time but that's just about all they have going for them. Then they started to get a lot more creative and innovative, and from about 1966 onwards became a lot more interesting. For me, the album that really stands out is Magical Mystery Tour. After that, they slumped again. The others - Abbey Road for example are good, but not that good, if you know what I mean. What cannot be denied is that their impact on the music scene was - and still is - enormous.

Music or artists I don't like? I'm not one of those who says that they like all music, and when people do say that and I play them some of my music, they usually don't like it, so I don't believe people who tell me that. I have genres that I don't like, namely rap, soul, hip hop, house/trance and R&B. I don't like waily voices male or female, I don't like Whitney Housten and Tina Turner (their music - just not for me).


Staff member
V.I.P Member
I'm not seeing the value in taking delight in 'hating' particular
styles of music. Unless it's the simple thought that somehow
by hating something, it proves you're superior to it.


戯言使い(Nonsense User)
The artist that came to mind for me as soon as I saw this thread was Motley Crue. I cannot stand the way Vince Neil sings, and he's only gotten worse over time. There's a clip floating around of a live show they did a few years ago, and his already wretched singing voice is just laughable. I actually listened to the one Crue album that didn't have him on it, and while it's not a great album, John Corabi blows Vince out of the water.
I actually like Motley Crue... at least on their first two albums and what I've heard of Dr. Feelgood. I definitely agree that Vince's voice is bad now, but I liked it at the beginning, he's like a more tolerable Geddy Lee.



V.I.P Member
I don't think there's any music I hate. I taught a student for years who was really getting into various kinds of metal. I don't remember the names of many of the sub-genres but they were intense and disturbing. That might be the sort of music I'd least like to listen to.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
If I don't like it, I don't listen.
The two main genres I simply can't stand to listen to are rap and country.
Especially the older country. Like Grand Ole' Opry stuff.
The whiney steel guitars and vocal accents all sound the same. Yee-haw!
Rap all sounds the same to me.
Ten minutes of either one drives me up the wall.


Active Member
I'm super picky about music. I very rarely like an entire album. I'm way more prone to just pick random songs by random people that sound good to me. I don't like the vast majority of rap I've heard, the subjects are all the same and I'm not a fan of profanity just for the sake of filling space. Not a fan of country or classic rock at all. And I find most women's voices to be horrible. The one exception to that is Vas Kallas. I tend to listen to more metal-ish type stuff, although I'll occasionally whip out some electronica or instrumental. My heart will always be sad over the loss of Agalloch.

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