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Music causing euphoria


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Now I know that music is intended to improve your mood. But I have long wondered if the euphoria I feel listening to music sometimes is an aspie trait. The common scenario is I am alone, driving my car, going somewhere I really want to go and I am listening to upbeat music. It's often pop music that I don't particularly like, just very upbeat.

Anyone know if our emotional dysregulation makes this kind of thing more intense for aspies?
I'm impressed that your mood improves when listening to pop music that you don't particularly like. My reaction is the opposite - I feel overwhelmed with negative emotions and can't function very well until it stops. I think my disdain for popular culture is one of many reasons I feel like I don't fit in properly around most people.

As for music - I enjoy collecting it, but I'm very particular in what I like. It spans hundreds of genres, but I think every genre is littered with mediocrity and I've had to sift through tens of thousands of songs and kept just shy of 1500 so far.

I find specific parts in songs I go back to again and again on repeat. I believe that is somewhat common spectrum behaviour. As for feeling energised - I can do, but I find that music is often the accompaniment to a particular mood, rather than the trigger of it.

I am definitely able to have feelings of euphoria as a result of certain music. I often say that I don't need the drugs that a lot of people take to achieve that feeling. The music alone does it for me.
I'm impressed that your mood improves when listening to pop music that you don't particularly like.

To get to an ecstatic state, I definitely have to listen to music I genuinely like, but then it can get pretty intense.

The last concert I went to (Slipknot) got me so euphoric, I did not feel pain anymore or notice my movements caused me several bruises on my legs and a contused hand(!) until the day after. The hand was in such a bad state that I could not use it very much for weeks afterward. The injury was probably caused by me drumming along with the music on my thighs.

Since some people strain their necks to the point of injury or requiring surgery headbanging, I would say it's simply human rather than ASD-related.
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Music is kind of a stim for me, but it must be music I like. Music I don't like just irritates me. I have a playlist with specific tracks that speak to me, but my mood dictates the music I play, rather than the music dictating the mood. Trying to play energetic music when tired just doesn't work.
That happens to me. When I listen to some deep songs or an amazing singer, I get such intense chills, and I feel like I want to jump out of my skin and dance. It feels like my body is just releasing a powerful energy. I feel like I can do anything. It's very intense, I like it.
The right tone, the right beat, the right guitar rip, even the right earth shattering yell can just make me frightfully alive.
I experience frisson when I listen to certain songs. It's an overwhelming auditory/neurological rush or wave that affects my whole body. I too am particular about the music I listen to but I have a wide variety of music I like.

I'm careful about music I don't like or music that irritates me because I'm very prone to looping of a note, line or snippet of a song and this can include songs or parts of songs I hate looping in my head. Not pleasant.
Most definitely.
It has to be music that fits what I feel inside though to make that ecstasy.
Most of the high I get is from music that stimulates and releases the wild side that lives within
or that let's me show and exhibit feelings of anger and rebellion that also are a big part of
me that I can't show in everyday life.

Driving alone is a good time for this type of music. It stimulates me and helps with any
anxiety I feel about driving. I've pulled into a parking lot while in the middle of a song that
creates the euphoria and park. I won't stop the song until it's finished and I'm sitting there
singing with it and rocking and moving around. It's like I'm releasing pent up emotions in an
accepted way. People have a few times seen this and smile and give me the thumbs up!

Oh, and for it to really make me feel better it has to have those Earth shattering yells.
Screeeem...that's what it takes to make a good rock song.

But, if I'm ready for sleep, I need ambient music with a lot of strange sounds preferrably in it.
Yes! I experience euphoria from music a lot. The strongest of that comes mostly from rock music but I listen to all kinds. Music just settles me down but also lifts me up mentally and sometimes it becomes euphoric. It has to fit the situation or the mood too.

I do tend to take some songs and play then over and over so much that I will have only listened to one song that day that I had looped 100+ times.

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