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Local bands/artists


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Considering we're quite a global bunch here, it might be interesting to see some smaller bands/artists from elsewhere on the globe.

Granted, I know we're not always the most social bunch to visit local gigs, but if you know any interesting artists, I suppose this is one of those places to share them. Perhaps we end up with a few gems here or there.

I wouldn't want to take local that zoomed in on your city, considering not all of us live in a huge city. I mean, I live in a city that has roughly 45.000 people, so what are the odds. My area has a huge local scene though, used to be bigger and filled with mostly hardcore and punkbands. Though I wouldn't say it should be limited to harder styles; any great songwriters you might've heard in a bar are fine as well.

For local I'd be willing to look at the Dutch province I live in (Limburg), which seemingly spawned some interesting bands in dutch (alternative) music. It's quite funny that considering the small scale, I know plenty of stories of bands who made it big and some stuff that goes with it. Friends dating sisters of now famous singers, embarassing party stories of "local heroes" and the list goes on. Obviously it also means that I know a band here or there (well, aside from that I was quite involved in the local scene) and know how big their egos are, lol. But I suppose I should give credit where credit is due though.

So, anyone? Share videos if possible

Interested to hear about other local artists from AC members vicinity.
Suppose I should do a seperate reply here to not make it a wall of text with videos;

A few local flavors we have/had here (more metal/alternative oriented on my behalf though)

Dreadlock ***** (lol, the censor doesn't like it; starts with a p, 5 letters, also a synonym for cat); defunct by now, but were quite big nationally up until halfway the 2000's, back when nu-metal was still a thing. 2 albums, an EP, a few music videos. Seen them on plenty of occasions, including the really small shows before their first album.

Chain of dogs; still active I believe. Folk metal-ish, not really my thing, but they seem to represent the province on most festivals, considering people wave the province flag proudly during festivals and gigs so it seems. For anyone curious in the video below; the first bandpicture shown features a shield with 2 hammers on it; the town and neighbouring ones were big national mining cities back halfway the 1900's. That was some kind of "crest" of sorts back then. Which might emphasise where they're from a bit, heh.

Born from pain; One of the local ones that made it big... signed to an international label going all over the globe. Biggest local heroes by far. Probably helps that the more notorious local soccerteam hooligans are supporters of this band as well. Fun fact; considering it's a band that ends up on festivals with tens of thousands of people, they actually did a show last weekend in a bar that can't hold more than 100 people and by then it's really packed up to to where people end up on top of the bar (and end up diving off).

Well... and then there's Epica, which might sound familiar to some folks more into metal. They're "local" enough I guess, but just like the previous band made it big onto a label and are going globally.

I might get back to this if this thread picks up, can probably share a few more here or there.

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