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I'm tired of people saying low functioning means sick also being in between things


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Hey everyone I am very frustrated every time I talk about a program that I've been to and people with autism, everyone seems to think low functioning means you can't do anything or that you're sick or that you're in a way not capable or something like that and if you are capable at all or if you look smart then you could do everything you want to do and that you don't really have any issues like people that are low functioning . I'm not saying she was saying exactly that but you know what I mean.

I was talking to my medical social worker also about access VR getting a job and going into a day habilitation program .

Also saying the program that I want to go to to live independently and be with people that I know is a lot of money and that I'll never be able to go there and to get a service that would help me get it is impossible because my IQ is too high at 89 my IQ is if anything below average and IQ scores in away is just a number on paper.

I don't know if I actually want to go there but I at least want a chance and one day when no one is there take care me I need somewhere to go.

I don't know whether not I'll be able to take care of a house apartment or be able to take care of myself in that way at all .

I am mid functioning in the sense that I'm autism level two.

I am lower functioning in a way that I can't take care myself and I'm always dependent on my family and sometimes I can't take care of basic things.
They said they can teach me stuff in an independent living center but if I had to take so long to learn this stuff will that make me higher functioning ? Will it make my struggles and my past struggles go away in the end ? And the way make them all better and make the bullying better and the abuse ?

We weren't really talking about autism we were talking about my IQ And medical issues and we didn't really talked about autism until the end because she didn't know I had a diagnosis on paper. Then I was able to show my diagnoses on paper and Idont know what she thinks now if she thinks any differently.

I'm not trying to label myself something I'm not .

And I don't like these people who were delayed at a young age saying they have aspergers.

I'm not saying that I don't like them altogether but I do not like them saying they have as Just because they're smart or just because they're smart or does something that is like in a way like temple Grandin.

I do not want to discredit my delays and how long it took for me to be able to do things my original delays caused a lot of problems in school and bullying and needing special education.

And to this day I still have problems due to my original delays I trouble walking along distances, am slower in understanding things and doing things ,physically having cramps as well as other things.

Been spending so long and so hard trying to get a diploma even though they said it so called impossible for others Who are low functioning to get it I may have gotten that, but that doesn't show how hard I worked to get it.

I don't know why all the worries and Doubts and bullying I had to go through but I would trying to get it not to mention the times I failed and to take the tests over to take it which happened twice .

By the way I forgot to mention that I finally graduated my high school and got a NYS regents diploma.

This is all I have to say for now because im not sure if I have anything more to add to this this post and I'm not sure if this is because I blanked out or because I just don't have anything left to add.
i know its hard being young and autistic,but i personally believe, you need to put their comments to a hidden place in the back of your mind and strongly believe in yourself that you can get to where you want,it takes time and effort but you will get to live how you want,you will get a job.
LFA is quite a deep complex spectrum,-this label has been given to autists for many years if your intellectual capacity was in the intellectual disability range- which [if correctly tested] in turn makes your autism present differently to HFA.
HFA is autism with an IQ over 70 if i remember correctly.

HFA can come with lots of independant living difficulties and behavioral issues,i knew one aspie girl in her thirties who had to have two support staff because of her challenging behaviors. the only difference to LFA is it is it presents a bit differently, depending on how low/high you go.

it doesnt matter what functioning label you have-and in todays society they dont mean anything,it sounds like it might even give you self esteem issues if you did apply LFA to yourself,its best to stay away from applying a functioning label and believe in yourself as an able functioning autistic,you will get what you want just not when you want it;life is like that.

you need to get some positive thinking people around you,what about attending a youth ASD support group?
Thank you for your response I don't like using functioning labels really. Even though they show people struggles they don't show their accomplishments and talents. As I mentioned before I just don't like the attitude of the people show towards people with autism sometimes but I will put those ignorant comments to the back of my head just as you suggested.

I love getting advice from you .

I really want to have a job one day and work with children and children with special needs as well.

Or maybe one day work with something with my my special interests I love American girl dolls and teddy bears.
I'm honestly I'm not sure what I will do but whatever it is I'm sure I Will do well.

Even if I'm a little nervous and not sure about starting something new I want to have a positive attitude.

I will ask some people about finding a support group I have actually been thinking about finding one for a little while.
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