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If you don't know what you like how can you pick a job?


A Vegan Burger
Hello, I have always wondered what people with AS do for a job if they do in fact work. I have always worked in retail it is what I do now it is what I have done for well over 10 years. It is not the right job for me and I have known this for a while as it is really stressful and dealing with strangers all day is hideous.

But there literally seems to be no other option for me, every time I look for work it is all I can find. When I have gone to some kind of careers advisor I expect them to just to tell me what job I should do as I haven't the slightest idea. But they always ask what skills I have or what I like doing? I literally have nothing to tell them, so they recommend a job I know I would be awful at.
I don't know what transferable skills I have and I don't know what I like doing, I can sit and think about it as much as I like but nothing comes to mind. Weirdly I am fully capable of knowing what I don't like and what jobs I couldn't do. At this point it seems like a lottery win is my only option, I'd have money and would never have to make this decision.
All I am after is a job that is not horrible to do, that I am good at and I like doing. When talking to NT folk they have an idea on what people with AS are good at and what skills we have. So I am always being suggested jobs that I can't do. I know that no two people on the spectrum are the same. But in the NT world apparently we are good with details, numbers, repetitive task work, logic, coming up with alternative methods to problem solving etc. I really don't have any of these abilities.

So I am just generally interested in what others do and how they came to that decision?. Especially if they like what they do. Is it possible to identify your skills or traits and then use them to help you career wise. Or do you do the opposite, by knowing what are your weaknesses and triggers and then picking a job that avoids as many of them as possible. Any advice would be good, as I am trying to change jobs again and hitting the same road blocks.
I truly understand your struggle and am dealing with the same thing right now. I'm working with the Disability and Rehabilitation dept of our state's Workforce Center, but even working with them I have no idea what I like or what I'm good at, so I'm having to just keep trying job after job to see if we can find one that will work out...I'm frustrated, I'm tired, I'm filing for disability so at least I'll have SOME income, but as far as finding rewarding-career-type work, its just not happening right now. I start security school on Monday in the hopes that I can find a post that doesn't aggravate all my various issues, but still brings in a decent paycheck.

I'd really like to go back to school (knowing I will need SO MANY accommodations) and get my Master's in psychology or Social Work, but my emphasis of study will be on animal-assisted modalities in therapy. Its a very specific field of study, I don't think there are many jobs that are available for such a thing, but that's what I'd like best...working with animals and training them to be able to help disabled people, or working with an organization that does such things (in an advisory position...I have a lot of specialized knowledge!).
I worked retail for several years in my teens to mid twenties. Looking back, I am shocked to realize that I could do it, talk to strangers all day, but it was a natural extension of my interests, selling bikes and ski equipment.

This led to working for some small manufacturers and doing custom work, where I learned that I had a lot of skill and talent in designing and making things.

That is what I have been doing for 15 years now, in museum exhibit production. It is stressful at times, money and time are always tight, and there are some social pressures, but I work with a lot of quirks and oddballs so it is not so hard to fit in.

In terms of dealing with my own constellation of issues, I have a great deal of fortitude in putting up with discomfort and stress. Not very healthy in the long term, but I'very been able to keep at it, because work gives my life structure in ways nothing else does. Without it, I would be a drifter.

I guess if you are looking for suggestions, see if there is a retail aspect to an interest you have and go from there.
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All I ever had was in my mind's eye. I would see myself, walking in a suit, with my brief case in one hand and an newspaper in the other hand and so, that told me that I was wanting to do office work; never materialised, because I cannot type when someone is watching me and too panicky and timid to work in that sort of environment.

I was helped by a family friend, to get a job, working in a solictor's office; I was supposed to be trained as a typist and promised my own desk, but all I was reduced to, was being a "dog's body" and put on reception, which was the most scarest time, because one has to sit there, waiting for calls to come through; not allowed to even read a book, as you need to be alert for visitors! Every time the phone rang, I would jump a mile; had a hard time mastering the intercom system and would often forget to turn off the volume, so that the solictor talking was in private.

I was on a trial and called to the board room and so, waited for the inevitable and never was I so shocked when I was told that despite the trial being completed, they wanted to welcome me to their firm; I had passed the "test". Part of me felt really complimented and shocked, because I hardly did well and the other part, groaned that I had to still continue.

Although I had social anxiety, I could get to London on my own and even go out and buy my lunch but always a sense of little girl trapped.

Anyway, several week's later, I was called to the board and they said that they have decided to let me go, so taking them literally, I said: ok, I will just collect my things and was told: oh no! You must finish your duty for that day ie go home the same time as usual. I was so angry! So I went to sit back at the stupid reception area and this time, a woman called and said she wanted to speak to a solictor and knowing that he really didn't want this woman to call ( always made excuses), this time, I left the call open and let her hear what he said about her and it was not one bit nice!

I saw him later that day and heard him talking to another and said: damn, lost a client today! I never felt so satisified, as I collected my things and with my huge payment owed to me in my hand, I gave a huge smile and walked out of that stupid building!

What I regret was, spending that money. But I came from a background where we were made scrimp and save, so I never had nice clothes ( always cast offs, which is bizarre, since I am the eldest) and so, I am afraid, I purchased a new coat and some other bits.

Also worked for a Japanese company in London and was again, treated dismally and instead of doing what every one else did, I handed in my notice and walked out lol

Now, several year's later, when I cannot do anything at all, I would love to train as a dr or a psychologist, but too bad.
As a teenager I wasn't coping with school, so I dropped out at 17. My parents didn't want me sitting around the house so my dad found a local vocational college where he thought I might be happier. It had a course in Countryside Management, which would give me qualification equivalent to A levels. I chose this course my a process of elimination, crossing off the ones I wouldn't enjoy until I was left with one I hopefully would. By chance I absolutely loved it, went on to do a BSc in Countryside and Environmental Management, worked as a ranger for a few years (a job I chose mainly because it requires very little interaction with other people, but also because I am interested in habitat management), then decided I didn't like being outside in the freezing cold all winter, but didn't know what else I wanted to do so went back to uni to do an MSc in Environmental Science, discovered an interest in ecological responses to climate change and have been working as a research assistant focusing on that topic since, which I enjoy.

I discovered my skills and weaknesses throughout my education, mainly that I am bad with people and setting myself deadlines, and good at critical thinking, research, and report writing.

My response to not knowing what I want to do with my life has always been to go back into education, choosing a course based on what I happen to find vaguely interesting, and then figuring out what I am good at and enjoy throughout that time.
There are several different things I've wanted to do but never got round to.

I wanted to do an OU course and get a History degree, but what would I do with it?

I also wanted to get into addiction and criminal rehabilition, but have been told by so many people (including an ex-criminal and addict) that I would be eaten alive because I am too soft.

I've never kept a job for more than 6 months because its just too stressful. *sigh*
hi sugar skull boy,i think the best place to start would be if you prefer an indoor or an outdoor job?
would you rather work with people [i can see this being unlikely from your OP] or non living things,or animals?
I've been working on and off in the retail trade for years, in a voluntary capacity, mainly Charity shops.

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