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  1. G

    Is life for Aspies actually getting harder now than it was in the past?

    I really should be working on my website but, I don’t know I just feel the urge to post this now, as it’s been on my mind for the past few days; is life actually getting harder for us Aspies?? It seems like the majority of older Aspies and autistic folk on here are married and have a family and...
  2. Devanne

    Hoping some people can relate and/or advise..

    I'm a 23 year old who just graduated college, and I'm struggling to get a job in my field. I've applied for many positions but the interview and hiring process is so draining that I can only handle a few at a time, and I get so burnt out that I end up flopping any follow-up interviews and...
  3. EstimatedProphet

    Best Places To Work! An Autistic Adventure in Corporate America 2020-02-25

    I was semi-active on this site a long while ago for about six months (late 2016-early 2017), which was from the time I was diagnosed with Asperger's until I started my first job back in the working world post-diagnosis. Then I dropped out. What happened after that? That's what the book is about...
  4. S

    Autism and computer companies

    Long time ago a lady at my school that represented Voc Rehab told me that computer companies are looking to hire autistic people but then when I spoke to the Voc Rehab counselor about it she act like she had no idea about it said she never heard of that which most of them counselors don't know...
  5. As a Student Game Dev, I'll Never Make Games For ANY Consoles.

    As a Student Game Dev, I'll Never Make Games For ANY Consoles.

    [Note: When I say PC, I am talking about any device that is a laptop or desktop running any given operating system, not just Windows devices.] I'm studying to become a game dev, and I am currently taking a 3D modeling class in highschool, and I'll begin my second year of a game design class next...
  6. I

    Jobs and Careers for People with Asperger's Syndrome

    Hi! I'm pretty new here, but would like advice for something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I've been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when I was very young, but still struggle to understand myself and the world around me sometimes. I want to eventually get a job that I can excel in...
  7. Sugar_Skull_Boy

    If you don't know what you like how can you pick a job?

    Hello, I have always wondered what people with AS do for a job if they do in fact work. I have always worked in retail it is what I do now it is what I have done for well over 10 years. It is not the right job for me and I have known this for a while as it is really stressful and dealing with...
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