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If you are on the autistic spectrum, are you or have you been in a romantic relationship?

If you are on the autistic spectrum, are you or have you been in a romantic relationship?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 35 85.4%
  • No

    Votes: 6 14.6%

  • Total voters
AI generated text or just message next day after sex: you mean world too me
Or a flower

This means we now going out as steady partners, means we can have more sex on agreement of having relationship.

I touched on this topic before....it's about you know I really like you and want to take relationship to the next level.

I think communicating feelings is tough one, I may only have told my Mom or dad on text message that I thought about them
It's like I'm really not stupid, although I sometimes do stupid thing (understand?)
So many men assume all women have lack intellect, and it's seriously misleading. So I didn't take maternity leave and became really unequal, but leaving my little baby at 3 months with stranger wasn't what I could do. And time my ex tried this, he cried and cried and he was one who actually ended the decision for my ex.
While some women may believe we can just have sex, we don't all agree.
Can I pigeon hole myself as aspergers and feminist, um, I'm an individual.

Getting to know someone is also stress, not sure what to say, did I say too much. So playing pool on Friday afternoon is nice, can focus on game, not focus too much. Trying to invite even just 1 friend can lift the spirits.
So date at movies....not talking too much. If you want to invite girl to your house saying this latest movie....she think you have one thing on your mind, sex. And respectful girl may decline on that reason alone.
What settings would be good for a date, a hike in nature? Outdoor concert?
You sound like me defending my self on another thread I know you are very bright this is not in doubt on many of your comments were are on the same side. It gets frustrating when assumptions are made reading between the lines
I enjoy my intimate relationship. She understands happy wife happy life does not work with me or, am I fat in the dress, yes you are If if you have an issue we have a home gym use it.
You sound like me defending my self on another thread I know you are very bright this is not in doubt on many of your comments were are on the same side. It gets frustrating when assumptions are made reading between the lines
Understanding my addiction to Irish coffee or shot of frangelico....after all these years I now know why I think I ordered these sometimes and why I was depressed.
I loved those crazy little shanky restaurants, and high maintenance people don't really go there. After hearing about van Gogh cutting his ear off I really wanted to know what absinthe was....this green shot liqueur as it turned out. I invited a crazy type female friend I'd met, she was an artist from flea market who was already noticeable for her outlandish dress. And she seemed interested, she also ordered snails and I said I'd try some, and then we had another green shot, and another and we were laughing like children. I ended up having to sleep over and it was great evening.
I think to this day tappas is still my favourite, the waiter doesn't hassle you to order mains and no set regime, you simply call waiter when you ready.
Few weeks later I heard that one of barmen across road lost his mind drinking this, he thought there were burglars and cut up furniture with a knife?
Not sure about this desert drink, or whether it's appertof/digestive or so...
As autistics, many of us cannot lie. If we try to lie, we may as well have a neon sign above our heads saying "Liar! Liar!" But lies fall through the lips of the personality disordered person like sh*t through a goose.
As a group, autistic ppl are known for respecting the Truth.
And, yes, we are preferred prey for ppl with poor character.
What about companionship?

I had three other friends at work where we would frequently get together away from work, though it lasted only for about a decade. All three of them moved on to other jobs in other companies. Two hetero women and one gay man. We all got along fine.

Beyond that I didn't have anyone that might fit that description.

Looking back at my adult life, basic friendships seldom happened, and if and when they did they just didn't last, mostly due to living in a transient society. Everyone looking to move on to better jobs.
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Absinthe is illegal in many places, probably for good reason.
Most of the bans were removed in the 1990s and it is now widely made and consumed. The studies suggesting its deleterious psychoactive effects have largely been discredited as exaggerating non-alcoholic harms. It can be up to 74% alcohol. The main culprit was supposedly the thujone from wormwood. If that were true, watch out for vermouth (the French pronunciation of the German “Wermut”, for wormwood.) Too bad if you enjoy martinis. I make extracts of herbs, including wormwood, that I combine to use for kryddersnaps. I think I am still sane.
Yes, though I would say it was difficult at first. At the time I didn't know I was on the spectrum. It felt like I was developing slower then others emotionally and maturity wise. But I was fortunate and eventually did meet the right person, not ASD but neurodiverse as we would say today (ADHD though we also did not know it at the time) and we could relate well and complement/reinforce each others weak areas. This year will be 39 years married.
I'm 42 and my romance life has been pretty abysmal. I've had 4 relationships in my life all of which started with alcohol, liquid courage. None of them lasted more than a couple months and were mostly in the end just physical flings as I could never really understand the emotional component to a working relationship. And in terms of the physical side I guess I just realized that I liked the idea of having sex but honestly not the sex itself, I honestly would just get bored and distracted during. So now I just keep to myself and don't actively pursue romantic relationships.
I never had a relationship, over all i had romantic feelings for maybe.. 3 people in my life? The last time was about 4 years ago for an online friend. Since then i have had zero interest in anyone.
I have been in a relationship twice - once in 2010 (he later came out as gay), and once more in 2013. The latter relationship was with my ex-husband. We have been together for six years and married for four of those years.

Unfortunately, the marriage didn't work out; he had mental health problems that spiraled out of control, and the stress of the marriage made my own mental health worse as well. So we had to divorce.

Honestly, the only reason I wanted a relationship was the fact that I felt that being married made me fit in more. I met my first boyfriend after my cousin's wedding, and met my ex because my brother told me that I will never have a boyfriend (to be fair, he was on drugs when he said this, and has been sober for about 11 years now).

Nowadays, while being single has its down side, I have since discovered that being single is much easier on my mental health than being a relationship. I mean, I am open to another one, but I am not in any hurry to find a man, and if I don't find one, that's fine too.

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