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Hello, any designers here?


New Member
Hi, I was diagnosed with HFA earlier this year and am quite old! I have several patented products and my first one is selling now - BabyHub SleepSpace. Not just baby products but also sports and safety products and I'm interested in renewable energy on a micro scale when I get time to look into it. My baby company has won lots of awards and we're hoping for good international sales. I'd say that being HFA/Asperger's has helped me to focus.
hi and welcome to AC designonaught-its great to see a successful autist, this is exactly what leo kanner wanted.

we all need to use our strengths to our advantage,but so many autists need to recover first from their years of being told they cant do anything,theyre thick, theyre weird etc,its about building up that confidence and doing something about it.

have you got a website,id love to see your product.
Thank you, I couldn't go to university at the usual age - I couldn't even go into a shop on my own. Now though I have learned to manage OK but it's taken a long time.
This is a link to our newest video and this is the Facebook page 需要安全验证. By the way, I like your WordPress blog.
Well done you. It's great to see autistic people thrive where they know how to. It's proof that we're not a burden on sociality and we're capable of great things if we get the correct support.

Well done for making something of yourself. I hope we can all be as successful as you in our own way.
Cool looking product :)
That's the way to use your noodle.

I have a career background that included mechanical engineering,machine work,manufacturing and metal fabrication.
My contributions to the world were a direct result of sharing my gifts the autism spectrum granted me. I can honestly say that my work across many fields has had an impact on every living being on the planet.

Autie proud for 56 years ;)
Thank you Southern Discomfort (I still have a lot of work to do on successfully launching the products) and that sounds interesting Nitro. What sort of products are they? I have been working on this for just over ten years but have only really just got started. The hardest thing for me has been getting investors and doing presentations.
Some stuff was contributions to the quantum physics world,the music recording industry,semiconductor prototype work,NASA,NASCAR,NHRA,motorsports,general aviation and tons of other areas designing and making parts or product to support the retail industry.

While I have made tons of items I will never get to see again,it is also interesting that I get to view my work either in application or on a retail store rack.

This is just one small sample of my work for the recording industry where I both designed and made the machined parts for both of these microphones.
Fantastic! That must be so satisfying to see your work out there. My first stock is now in our warehouse - arrived just before Christmas.
Hiya and welcome Designonaut :)

I really like the shape of the Baby Hub and that it doubles up as a tepee, which means it could still be used once a child no longer needs a cot.

In the logo, do the two horizontal rectangles represent the 'B' from 'Baby' and the two vertical rectangles represent the 'H' from 'Hub'?
Thanks, yes but mainly the logo is like that to represent strength and stability. In contrast the font for "SleepSpace" is soft and flowing. I'm influenced by Bauhaus and really didn't want cutesy type design that is central to a lot of baby products. I studied climate change and have designed products while keeping the environmental impact in mind. We've used simple design and recyclable materials where possible but also wanted to extend the life of the product by creating an extra use.

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