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Have you ever had a bad situation where you were taken advantage of when vulnerable...


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And you did not know how to get free of it or out of it and it was really nasty and insidious
And hurting your heart and lot and maybe causing severe meltdowns???
I just do not like being played for the fool or taken advantage of because I am a pretty loving person and already have bad trauma.


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This is where the notion of keeping one's neurodivergence on a "need-to-know" basis only becomes critical.

Mostly because of predatory mindsets out there who will perceive us as "marks" only to be manipulated to the advantage of others. Where one's "last line of defense" is to be vigilant about who really knows who and what you are. Mainly because I see no obvious telltale signs that we can routinely look out for to identify such potential predators.

Otherwise as we have seen from so many posts over the years, that there's always someone in our social orbit who will attempt to take advantage of us emotionally or financially, whether perceived as a friend, foe or even a family member. One of a number of ugly realities of our daily existence. "It's a jungle out there". :(
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I'm from the other end of the spectrum.
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I think most people in the world have been taken advantage of while vulnerable at some stage in their lives. That's just part and parcel of living in a society of apex predators.

Some people will grizzle and whinge about it for the rest of their lives. Most of us get up, dust ourselves off, and try to learn lessons that prevent it from happening again.


Lost wandering entity
There a choice we all have to make. Take the easy path and overload ourselves over what went wrong, or make the choice to remove people who see no value in us.

Outdated and Judge stated it better, but we do have to be ready to face people with ill intentions. And part of it is not blaming ourselves for the misguided actions of others. We cannot control other people. All we can control is how we allow ourselves to handle those situations.


Serenity waves, beachy vibes
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Lot of us would never hurt or deceive anybody, so when it happens to us, it's a rude awaking that the reality we perceive may be faulty, this where we learn the pitfalls of black and white thinking. We are forced to consider the world isn't fair, healthy, or even safe. I believe that NT face exactly the same dilemmas.


Aspie Naturist and retired Absent-minded Professor
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I had a renter that I had to evict after having given him a lot of opportunity to make things right. He chose to do nothing, and I eventually officially evicted him. I found out I was autistic during this time period, and I made the mistake of sharing that information with him. He actually tried to insult me with autism references during this "probationary" time. (I couldn't imagine why he would do that. It certainly didn't help his situation any.) A few days after he left, he started calling me on the phone begging to come back. When I consistently refused, he started saying they'll either find him "in the woods, or under a bridge". I still would not agree to let him come back. He then began calling me at hours when he knew I would be asleep. His last call was at 5 AM.

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