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Has anyone else had somebody use an unusual punishment to torture you? If so, what?


Black sheep in my own community
V.I.P Member
My abusive dad would usually tend to put the tv, radio, or his phone on full blast to keep me quiet. Because I have sensitive hearing, this really hurts my ears. It usually happens when he’s losing an argument and turns to this (or beating me with the belt) as a last resort. He threatens me all the time with this, especially in the car and he tells me that I better deal with the torture or else I will be punished even further.

Now normally I’m fine with listening to music, as I love music (certain kinds anyway). I can understand that some people in the spectrum get easily annoyed when background music is played in restaurants and shopping malls and even the city streets because they easily get distracted. Usually I’m not bothered by that, unless it’s really loud and blaring that I can t concentrate. I also hate having to listen to country music (most, not all of it), because it sounds very annoying to me.

But I’m getting off topic though. I don’t know if anyone else had ever had to deal with music torture to punish you, or anything similar to that. However I would love to read all about it in the comments below.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
Do you mean like turning up the radio in the car? Not at all to take away your experience or your trauma. Like maybe he was trying to drive and couldn't safely focus on the road if people were arguing? I've turned up the radio before, just so I could focus and drown out other talking.

But I never threatened anyone with it. I try never to argue, and instead find another way to peace. And I did not use it as a form of abuse. It was because the music sounds better than people bickering, and I can focus on driving.

So.... teenagers in the back arguing... up the volume goes. And everyone gets home safe.

Guns N Roses "Appetite for Destruction" (Especially Welcome to the Jungle), or old Van Halen "1978 Album" (Especially Eruption/You Really Got Me) with David Lee Roth are remarkably effective for drowning out arguments and keeping mom's eyes on the road.
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Aspie Naturist
V.I.P Member
Only in sixth grade when my school decided to put on a public dance festival and decreed that the sixth grade would be square dancing and made it mandatory to participate.


I'm from the other end of the spectrum.
V.I.P Member
When I was 12 my father told me that if I wasn't going to "tow the line" and start being normal then he wasn't going to feed me any more. I was already earning a fair amount of money from collecting cans and bottles, I supplemented that with a few five finger discounts and fed my brother and sister as well so that none of us would have to put up with his nonsense.


Only Rumored To Exist
Being assigned as a lab partner to someone I had reported for cheating. He was Captain of the football team, and I was the Alpha Geek. Put up with his abuse for a full semester, then he stole my notes to study for the final exam.
The joke was on him, because I had written those notes with the anticipation that he would steal them. They were full of errors and falsehoods, and featured terms and definitions from subjects other than the one we were studying. He earned an 'F' on the final exam while I very nearly aced it.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
I was raised pagan. And when I was about fifteen, I found a bible and started reading it. I got really into it. I started in Genesis. I didn't really understand it though, but there was something about it that captivated me.

I read all the way through.

There are genealogies in the bible. I didn't really understand them, but I thought they were really cool. I had this giant spool of white butcher paper. Starting with Adam and Eve, I went through the genealogies I had found, and recorded everyone I could.

My parents (whom I love and find no fault in) were very opposed to Christianity. They thought of it as a threat. And so one day while I was at school, they unrolled the scroll and poured lotion all over my genealogy that I had worked on for weeks. Rubbing it in. I came home and wanted to work on the scroll. I found the mess and cried and cried.

Was told that I was a religious fundamentalist (didn't know what that meant). Actually I was struggling to understand it, but all I knew was that my life was very dark, full of drugs and danger. And this book said that someone loved me and wanted me to be with them for always. My clandestine bible was crumpled and taken away.

That was a hard one to deal with. It still hurts and feels unsafe.

It's not just that it was Biblical. It was a matter of the spirit. And I had worked so hard on it for weeks. Not even really understanding the Bible, but trying to understand it, as I went from person to person in the genealogy.

After that, I was sort of convinced to be a pagan again. Don't wanna be one of those bigoted religious fundamentalist, right? I had a lot of dark years in my life. And in my thirties I found Christ. And a little light of hope began to shine in my heart.

I've tried to be understanding and respectful to people of many cultures and faith traditions. I hope I have in their eyes too.


oh hamburgers!
V.I.P Member
Silent lunch in fifth and sixth grade when the table I was at wasn’t even being disruptive. Honorable mention goes to me being late for my third period class (ELA) three times due to said problem.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
My fourth grade teacher. When just one kid got out of line, her standard response was to punish the entire class. Often making us copy text from our textbooks...which could at times take hours.

One of the kids' mothers (lol) found out and quickly brought pressure on public school administrators well above the rank of any teacher. The teacher was reprimanded and we never had to do that again. And kids who did make trouble were dealt with on a more personal basis. Often by the principal herself, who had no issues personally delivering corporal punishment.

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