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Fred R Clark & Son Machineworks


Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
I've always heard it said that it will always be darkest just before the dawn, so today may bring some light to that statement :p

Today, during yet another retail therapy session, I came across this little gem:



Her chrome plating is a little worn, the diffuser is still in place and yet another testament to the old Eveready leak-proof batteries that were still inside.

I'm going to add this to the tool display with fresh new batteries on the inside and add the Eveready batteries to the display area.

I own literally dozens of modern flashlights, but to me, this old thang is about as cool as it gets :cool:

As Bill Withers once sang,
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she's always gone too long
anytime she goes away....

Peace out kids


Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member

Spent another weekend up at the shop.
Left home on Friday morning and had no plans to return home until Monday morning.
This was the view of the coal mining area Saturday morning.

Not much of a work weekend as it was used as a time to decompress.
Saturday was spent out on the road hitting all of the spots I hadn't been to in a while.
A little retail therapy as it were.

Most of my time there was spent lounging in my very humble abode, eating and catching up on some movies.
The reality check began around 5AM on Monday as I packed it in and closed the door.

Once home, it was time to hit the mailbox to gather the treasures that arrived during my absense.
First up was a Morse Taper #4 to Morse Taper #2 adapter sleeve.

Perfect for another shop project.
A "proper" #2 Morse internal taper to a straight shank was about $35, while not completely out of the question, still not favorable to the budget.

Spend a mere $12 for the adapter and cut away all of the excess material that was in the way.

In fact, a nice project that will enable me to use the ER32 collets on my Logan lathe in my home shop.
Easy-peasy, have at it.
Use a turning tool to waste away the excess metal to ready it for a finish grind with my Dumore toolpost grinder.
The knockout slot created an uneven finish with the turning tool, but the grinder doesn't care about that.



Finished product.

Now it can be fitted to the Logan with the Hardinge 5C collets to be used with this:


External straight shank to internal Morse taper #2 to ER32.
The ER32 setups offer better gripping than the Hardinge collets due to their superior modern design.
They can hold both tooling and material which can come in handy when doing milling work on a lathe.

Why Morse taper 2B?
2B can be adapted to Morse Taper #3 for my 10K South Bend lathe.
The bonus round here is that both my 922 Logan and the South Bend both have a #2 Morse taper tailstock quill.
It will also fit on one of my drill presses.

And cuz it fits the new dividing head as well.
Oh, and all of the ER32 collets for the Diamond 22 arbor are interchangeable with it too :p

As I like to say, more bang fer yer buck kids...

See ya when I'm lookin' atcha ;)
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Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
Yet another fun filled action packed three day weekend at the machineworks.

Friday began in Fredericktown with a stop to gather another addition to my Gilbert collection.
From there, it was off to my doc's place for a checkup.
She granted me a clean bill of health and said I was good to go until May :p
After that was over, I had already packed my provisions and projects for a 3 day stay, so since I was already in the neighborhood, what the heck, have at it!

On the project list was a TV and DVD stand for inside of my tent fashioned out of rough sawn lumber.


Cool, a raised platform for the TV, a stash shelf for the DVDs and other assorted junk, a place to park a can of pop and an floor level area for more "stuff " :cool:

It was fairly warm outdoors, so I did manage to wander around outside here and again.





Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
The partial Gilbert Erector set is really cool.


It features parts and pieces to build several renditions of a 1926 White truck.







Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
There was only one tire and wheel set in the box, but I still have it to attempt to match it with modern tires for model aircraft in either sourced airplane wheels or ones I make myself.



I set about straightening a few damaged parts and was very satisfied with my results.

There are quite a few parts in the kit that I have never seen before.
I did find out that there was a roof available that looks simple enough to make.


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Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
Before it was all over, I did manage to set up a machining project to finish out a vise for the old Diamond 22 horizontal milling machine.

The new ER32 collet arbor was exactly what was needed to hold the milling cutters that will be used to finish the work.
I didn't have the needed endmills to finish it up, but the setup is ready to go for when I have the time to work on it again.

Patience weedhopper, Rome wasn't burned in a day, or sumpin' like that....

Til the next time, take care, go fast and remain on point :p

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