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Faking birthdates!!!

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I have heard a rumour that one of our members has faked their birthdate. I won't say which one. This goes against any good reason for requiring members to specify their date of birth when signing-up.
I can understand someone choosing to use a fictitious date of birth for the sake of anonymity.
Maybe it was for privacy concerns? How does that person know who they can trust on the other side of the internet?

Is it really that big of a deal when someone harmless chooses to withhold their personal information and remain anonymous? There are plenty of good reasons for this, just so you know.
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Maybe it was for privacy concerns? How does that person know who they can trust on the other side of the internet?

Makes perfectly good sense when you consider the degree of identity theft occurring. Even a web host operating in good faith cannot guarantee with 100% safety of their data from being breached, let alone all the bots which routinely harvest such data.

So the real question to ask is when you are prompted to provide such data, do you really feel compelled to provide the actual date if it isn't a legal necessity?
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I don't see anything wrong with faked birthdates. if you use it because you don't feel safe giving your age to the public, that is perfectly okay. I have dealt with many unsafe people, and I can understand why people would want to protect themselves. most of us don't post our real names as usernames, so it makes sense that we wouldn't be honest about our age either. however, if you do this, you should tell someone your real birthday when you can trust them.
oh my god, this again? they do it for basic safety, for anonymity, and basic privacy. preventing users from faking birthday is a massive, massive breach of all three at once, and it would never, ever, fly in any website anywhere.
"rumors"... thats not logical, nor is it helpful for the site.

Many people here may have very good reasons to keep their personal information as private as possible.
There are bots and trolls everywhere trying to use and categorize everything we say online.
My point Total: 95 (members: 19, guests: 52, robots: 24).... There are only 19 real members on this site right now!
Okay, it's probably me. Since I was around when Yoda was born, I prefer to be thought of as younger.

Seriously, I fully agree with what @Judge said. Most sites require a birth-date, so on most I use a date that's easy for me to remember that's close to my age but not the actual date. If polled, most people over a certain age would probably say that their "cyber footprint" is bogus to a degree. After all, my real name is not Sportster.

I think the reason so many sites require a birth-date is the same as having to show an ID at Walmart to buy certain movies, which cracks me up since I'm about 40 years older than most of those clerks running the registers.
Okay, it's probably me. Since I was around when Yoda was born, I prefer to be thought of as younger.

Wow... I was trying to hide the fact I never had one...
I am timeless and now guilty as charged.

Sport lets go find Yoda and let him sort this wildly important matter out!
I'm old enough to remember when dirt was of value and only the rich had it :D
I'm actually much more concerned by the fact that there are rumors going around about other users than by a supposedly inaccurate birthdate. I don't think gossip has a place here, so I'm kind of sad that other people would take part in that.
I think what is more upsetting is that you got to know about it; where is the privacy in that!

I personally would love to have by passed it, because I do not celebrate birthdays anyway and have to put up with it glaring at me, when it comes to that day and have to explain to well wishers that thanks, but I do not celebrate.
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