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Eddie Redmayne says he believes his character Newt Scamander is on the Autism spectrum!

My thoughts =
I have never heard of Eddie Redmayne, the actor.
Or "Newt Scaramander", the character.
(As it was spelled in before you edited your title. :))

"Newt Scaramander" looks to be an attempt to make a character's
name from amphibian words. Newt and salamander.

Then I thought of looking up "Newt Scamander", the correct spelling of the
character's name. Newton Scamander

I have enjoyed some Harry Potter films and books.
Snape was my favorite among the teachers.

If the actor patterned his portrayal of the character Newt Scamander
in a way that he believes best shows asperger's traits as he understands them
to be, that's his prerogative. I hope he does a good, reasonable, modest job
of it. Not a lot of silly exaggeration.
Eddie Redmayne is kind of a new actor.

2 or 3 years back he made his debut starring as the late Professor Stephen Hawking in the biopic Theory of Everything.

As I recall he won at least 1 Oscar for that.

And yeah the character's name in Fantastic Beasts was Newt Scamander, I just edited the title of the topic to reflect the change.
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Interesting. Works for me. Guess I should see the first film. Cool...it's still on video-on-demand.

It sounds as if perhaps while J.K. Rowling isn't saying anything, that it was ok for Redmayne to openly discuss his thoughts, especially when based on earlier private conversations with the author.

"Redmayne said he thought Scamander probably had Asperger’s after he spoke with J.K. Rowling about the character’s mannerisms before the first “Fantastic Beasts” movie. Autism wasn’t recognized in the 1920s, so the said there wasn’t a diagnosis for Scamander."

Eddie Redmayne Says Newt Scamander in 'Fantastic Beasts' Is Autistic
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I like the character Newt Scamander and even before I heard Eddie Redmayne say he believes Newt is on the spectrum for some reason I related a lot to Newts character and my husband who is NT picked up on Newts characteristics and he told me that he picked up on similarities between Newt and me aswell,also we are both Hufflepuffs so that’s a bonus :)

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