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Does anyone else compare people to animals?


Sometimes certain people in my life really remind me of a specific animal for some reason. I'm not sure if it's a personality thing, or some other association between that person and the animal I have in mind. Anyone else experience this?


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Specific people no, but humans in general yes. I often look at animal behavior to understand people.


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I have a friend who describes certain woman with glasses as a preying mantis head. I kinda get it.


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Does anyone else compare people to animals?
Not all real people, but in my (amateur) figure drawing, I use animal inspirations to make my imaginary figures different from each other...


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Personification goes way back in literature and culture. Just look at Aesop's Fables. As a child, when I was assigned a chore, I would always remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. I would make sure and go slow and steady until I was done (I'd also mix in a little bit of The Little Engine That Could, for motivation to complete the task).


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Some people remind me of seagulls. They come into the office, squawk a lot, crap over everything you've done, steal your food then leave.


I'm from the other end of the spectrum.
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There's some odd uses of animals as descriptions in Australia. Farmers are often called "cockies" because they spend all day out in the wheat fields, but to call someone a Galah is a grave insult, it translates as "a destructive idiot".

Then sometimes women will also call a man a Wombat - eats roots shoots and leaves.


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I have this theory that the condition of animals on this planet is a reflection of the state of the human soul. The animal agriculture industry does not exactly reflect good health; rather it reflects a state of hell - which humans actually put thought and energy and PhDs into creating e.g., machines that shred male baby chicks. On the other hand, there are lots of individuals and groups creating sanctuaries for animals and spending a fortune trying to get a lame calf/lamb/pig walking again after it was rescued from the dairy industry/ born on the slaughter floor/ jumped off a transport truck. I wonder what the net state of the human soul is. I'd say on the whole animals have a raw deal on this planet - more are abused and harmed than protected and treated well. Veganism is increasing though...

I wish social status on this planet wasn't measured by salary, car, postcode or which schools one's kids attend, but rather by how happy and healthy animals are around a person. How many animals have you fed/ rescued/ showed kindness to this week? So many people wield power BECAUSE THEY CAN. The true measure of power is being able to wield it but refraining from doing so - because you have enough inner strength and intelligence to protect and defend the vulnerable rather than abuse them.

It's also interesting how human behaviour is likened to animal qualities e.g., fiercely protective like a lioness, lethargic like a sloth, meek as a mouse; graceful like a gazelle. Sad that "like a dog" has derogatory connotations when dogs are on the whole the most giving, forgiving, angelic species on the planet.

The irony is that when we want to denounce human behaviour we say "they were like an animal" but when we want to elevate human behaviour we say that "it's humane". It should be the other way around IMO.
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Animals are over-idealized. They constantly kill, rape, and consume others including their own children.

I think the resemblance is partly due to cartoons, especially Disney. They've made animals human-like and so some humans then happen to resemble the animals they humanized.
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I don't want to insult my dogs by comparing them to most humans, lol...
I agree with @Darkkin ... dog behavior makes total sense to me scientifically. Human behavior is extremely irrational and often malicious.

Dogs also feel pretty much the same range of complex emotions as people. Even embarrassment and disgust.
Here's a brief example from a book/study:
Dogs experience complex emotions

Dogs have also been proven to show love and empathy (and produce oxytocin), which they certainly do for their human companions. This is why you should never abuse or neglect a dog. It actually traumatizes them and they don't forget about it, and it can make them afraid of you, not trust you, and even outwardly dislike you. They have better memories than you might think.
A lot of people seem way less empathetic to me and a lot more selfish and malicious than most dogs do.

But dogs are not people, and in my mind, there's no comparison. People suck, so I have become a "crazy dog lady."

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