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Do you prefer Night? Darkness?


Well-Known Member
I grew up being a night owl. My mother was also. She was an artist, so we would stay up all night doing various arts/crafts. We wouldn't realize it until the Sun came up. Later, as an adult, I worked security at nights mostly because I like the quietness and I didn't have to deal with people as much. Nowdays, it just depends on what I'm doing. When I'm out in the boonies, camping, hiking,etc., I like the early morning. Otherwise, At home, I find it difficult to stay on a day schedule.


Well-Known Member
I have always preferred darkness to light. I could never understand why people used darkness to represent evil and light to represent good. Still have trouble understanding that.
I knew this little one year old kid that I tended to suspect of having aspie traits (though he's too young for me to know for certain. But his parents are both As). He seemed to have obsessions. One of his early favorite words was "dark." He loved anything having to do with dark. Also loved, loved, loved owls.


I too enjoy dark times because of lower humidity, coolness and breezes. I enjoy having fresh air at my home, and where I live there's no use trying to ventilate during the day so I always end up having my windows open at night even if I sleep at then. The best breeze usually goes between 2 am - 4 am. Because of my skin conditions and overall sensitiveness I don't like warm air at all. Sure direct sun light would help rashes, but I manage well with vitamins, because I don't like getting tanned and would burn easily anyway. If going somewhere I prefer to do that early mornings and late nights when it's a bit warmer compared to night frosts, and as sun is distant then. It doesn't matter if I'm "still awake" or just woken. During the times of autumn cold I find it really pleasant at any time of day.

With my sleeping cycles I often feel loosing touch with the reality as I sleep over one day or am awake twice at another. But if I can I'll just enjoy mo solitude during silent nights and have learned to do my household tasks the way I won't disturb neighbors while they're sleeping. At night time there's so much more space for myself.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
OK, odd man out it is. I love the day, especially mornings. I also like dim light though. Overcast days are fine with me, and in my castle, I have many small lights that are just enough to illuminate the way. People tease me about having "Mood Lighting". Here comes the real odd part though. I Love Heat! Not too much, but i LOVE sitting by the wood stove in winter, and in the morning, I have to really struggle to get out of the hot shower. It is almost as if I am being held there by some invisible force. I actually have to pry myself out of there. I also wear long johns and turtle necks all winter. I Hate being cold! Perhaps I should have taken the title "Warm Morning".


Well-Known Member
I also am a nightowl.. i just love the stillness and serenity.
That and bright light gives me migraines ;)

Mihael Keehl

Well-Known Member
I'm a total Night Owl, I prefer dark mainly because the world is quieter and it means I can be more alone, and I can feel like I can hunt people, I'm very predatory.

Perry Holia Kerrith

Well-Known Member
There are multiple logistical reason which I feel predispose people with ASD's to prefer nighttime. First of which is an apparent sensitivity to light. And also noise. And crowds.

For me, there's something particular about darkness and shadow that I find alluring, though I haven't quite figured out what. Also, my lack of anything even remotely resembling a healthy sleep schedule might have something to do with it. There have been times I stayed up just to sunrise, and then fell asleep until sunset.

The only thing I really dislike about this is other people's stereotypical fear of things that lurk in the dark. Which allows criminal-types to move relatively unopposed, as there is nobody around to bear witness. This severely limits the pleasure I can take from a late night stroll, replacing it instead with nervous anxiety. However, I have free reign when it... Rains... Because that deters pretty much everyone.


Well-Known Member
I'm odd and contradictory. I've always been a night owl, but I like it better during the day. The later I stay up, the sicker I feel. And yet, I often won't wake up for my alarm, and I keep engaging in activities late at night. I need to get my crap together here.


Well-Known Member
A little bit of both, if you were to ask me. One thing that I always remember from my dad's house is how it sat over an highway, where the cars would pass by just close enough for the sounds to reach me but not close enough to disturb me. Late at night, when I couldn't sleep, I would sit at the window and stare out at the quite with the odd car passing by every now and then.

I especially love the feel of winter and summer, both holding a place in my heart. I like winter because of the silence caused by the snow and I like summer because it reminds me of my summers spent in Vermont with my grandparents. I have a lot of fond memories of both those seasons.


Well-Known Member
I'm a day time person. I get SAD in the winter so I guess darkness isn't a good thing for me.


Well-Known Member
I am completely comfortable in the darkness, sometimes I see figures within the darkness looking back at me, I walk up to them and then into them, and now suddenly I have become the darkness looking out at those that stand in the light.

In terms of preference though, I prefer a large dark room with deep rich colored harmonic lighting.


Well-Known Member
I love night and darkness. Moonlight is lovely. :happy: Also, there's less people out so win-win! Once I was nicknamed the Night Gardener by some neighbors... nothing like digging holes in the back yard after sundown to keep up your weirdo reputation. :alien:


Shadow Jedi
I don't like going outdoors a lot to begin with, since I don't trust a lot of people. My sense of direction is very limited too, so I'd be lost more than 2 miles from my apartment. When I do go out, its usually for church, errands, or the occasional flare-up of "caged bird syndrome".

That said, I really prefer dusk, and the first few hours of nightfall. My eyes hurt a lot during the day (vitamin K deficiency), and even though I've lived in Texas all my life, the heat still sucks.


Well-Known Member
I actually prefer very early morning, like around 6 or 7, right after the sun rises. There aren't really that many people out and about, but it's not dark. That is when I usually like to go to the park for walks, do grocery shopping, etc.


Well-Known Member
I really like nighttime but I prefer very early mornings during autumn time when the air is crisp smelling and no one is awake. I like to climb out my window and light candles and incense and lay outside with a comfy sweater and smell the air. During nighttime I'm more creative, I have a hard time thinking during the day because there's too much stuff going on and everyone is awake.


Active Member
During winter I would walk around at midnight or a little later. I liked it. It seems strange but I feel totally safe in the darkness. I used to spend more time awake when it was dark than when the sun was out. However, it got sort of depressing to not see much sun.
Winter ended here a month or so ago. . . I'm now trying to be awake when the sun is out. I do like the feeling of sitting in the sun. The penetrating heat feels very relaxing. Although, the sun is a bit harsh on the eyes.

For now, being awake during the day is my preference.


Well-Known Member
"I am vengeance. I am the night. I am---"

Wait, no. I'm not the World's Greatest Detective. But I am pretty nocturnal.


Well-Known Member
I enjoy meditating on midnight with full moon's light. I also enjoy study and stimulate my intelectual at night. It's so quiet and peaceful.

I also enjoy cycling after mid night, in downtown. Here where I live it's full of hookers, drunks and addicts at night. Lovely. :ninja2:

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