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Do you prefer Night? Darkness?


Well-Known Member
I prefer the night as well. Mostly because unless we're having a thunderstorm, the sun is too bright for my dumb eyes. My husband thinks it's because my eyes are light blue but either way it's painful.


Well-Known Member
Definitely prefer the night. It is cooler (in temperature), there are less people around, and I can pee just about anywhere because darkness grants privacy.


Well-Known Member
I am definitely a night person. have been most of my life. perhaps it's because my mom has worked nights most of my life on top of me just naturally feeling more alive after it gets dark.


Well-Known Member
I too am a night owl, and have been since I was a child. I love the quietness and calmness of night. Plus that is when the bats are out and sometimes you can hear them chirp.
I also like sunshine, but usually only when it is a lazy afternoon kind of sun, or when I am very cold and take a nap in it.
I like to be warm, and do not mind the heat too much, but I cannot handle humidity. I feel all sticky all day.

Mr Faramoose

Well-Known Member
Certainly night is better. Day time just irritates me. If I go out into sunlight from a normal room/house, I end up sneezing, like the light sets off my sneeze reaction. Happens every time. I'm always tired in the day, no matter how much I sleep. Onwards from 7 pm I begin to wake up until about 4 to 5 am then I become naturally tired. Best thing too is driving at night, there are no cars in the way, traffic lights like you, you get better economy because you don't need to slow down as much! Plus the darkness outside is nice because the lit up dials of the car interior look welcoming and cosy, like when I was in the back of a car late at night as a kid snuggled in a duvet, green lights on the dash were the only thing I could see as we whizzed along. That was and still is where I am happiest, in a car at night. Walking around too is kinda cool, except when foxes give you a look, I love the lack of people and the knowledge that I am alone and nobody is going to contact me :p


Well-Known Member
Yes, I prefer night. I don't like sunny days. I love the time of year when the days start getting shorter and I love winter and overcast days. The only thing I like about summer is that I can leave the doors to my garden open in the evening. I don't like to go out on sunny days and driving into the sun makes makes me sleepy. I have always been really sensitive to the sun. I used to think it was my light blue eyes, but now I think it is AS.

I remember playing softball in high school gym class. I was standing out in the field trying to shield my eyes while the other kids were playing. I wanted to tell the teacher the sun was bothering me, but I was too shy to say anything, so I just stood there and I was absolutely miserable. Similar things have happened to me all my life.
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Well-Known Member
I prefer the nighttime. It's cooler, there's less people around, and I like how it looks. The sun is too damn bright. It tires me out.


Well-Known Member
Night is good because everyone else is asleep. That way a person can be alone and not bothered by others.


Well-Known Member
I am not really a night person or a morning person. But I do like the dark better. I seem to be sensitive to the light and the heat. When I was young and depressed and still went to church and stuff, I felt as though when it was rainy and dreary, I felt like God understood what I was going through.


Well-Known Member
I love the night aswell. It's the weirdest thing, but whenever the sun goes down I always get a huge burst of energy. When just an hour before I felt tired and impatient. I also feel more comfortable around people weirdly. One of the few ways I can maintain a coherent conversation with my friends is to walk around in the dark. Also the stars just are so fantastically beautiful.


Well-Known Member
I love the night. I hide during the day.

I do not like Spring/Summer. I do not like the sun or heat. I am a Fall/Winter person. I abhor bright sunshine.

I'm as pale as a ghost and move like one in the night.

I'm pretty much exactly the same. I abhor Summer. I love winter and Autumn. And, of course, I prefer the night to the day. My eyes can't handle over bright sunlight very well, so night is easier on my eyes, and also, i like the moon better than the sun.


Well-Known Member
In general, I prefer night to day. Always have done. That said, there is an exception. Where I live, it's often overcast so we tend not to get very many sunny days. However, when it is sunny, I'll take the sunny day over the night time, definitely.


Well-Known Member
I have not researched into this to know if it is me or an Aspie trait in general. Meaning, do others prefer night? Yes, it is an Aspie trait to have obsessions but there often might be no common ground here.


I love the night, if I had my way I would be up at night and sleep during the day. I love it when I get out of work and it is dark like in December. I prefer to drive at night. Maybe I should wear sunglasses all the time? I even thought about putting black construction paper on all the windows at home so it is night all the time.

I love the city at night, all the skyscrapers. I love movies that have lots of night scenes, especially fog at night. Shows like millennium, mysteries, night stalker, X-files. Anything usually filmed at night.

Bright sun gives me migraines. I hate being warm, love to keep the room at 67-68 degrees.

Anyone else like this?


I absolutely am with you on that, I love the nighttime. It's so much more peaceful, and it seems to give me a lot of energy - even when I was young, I used to sleep well into the afternoon and then be forced into bed (could have easily stayed up til at least til sunrise). Humans are weird, I'm totally naturally nocturnal, much like my cat I suppose.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I wish I preferred the daytime. It would make it much easier to function in the world.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I wish I preferred the daytime. It would make it much easier to function in the world.

That, I can agree with.

Looking for a job is a mess like this. Relying on public transport.. ditto. I think it's safe to say "doing anything" is a mess like this.

Yet I still find it hilarious how we want to claim this is a "24-hour economy".


Well-Known Member
I guess I'm the only one who loves the sunshine here, huh :D

I like sunnshine epath. I have to have on gdark glasses and or a visor for my eyes. I like night to though and hate mornings. I like to sleep all morning and stay up all night. But that still leaves severl hours of sunshine in my schedule.

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