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Now I have to consider the enigma that is the bottom of my legs and feet ,to perspire or not to perspire that is the question?
Had my manic couple of minutes where I desperately hoped the dried food entitled calm and ‘feliway friends’ will help the cats before Guy Fawkes’ Night ,One,of the dreaded nights of the year .

Did try the 'feliway' thing. It didn't work in the way of a calming technique. As a matter of fact it accelerated the aggression and it became a true battleground. Once I removed the diffuser, things calmed down.
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I never heard of 'feliway' so....

"Feliway spray is a feline facial pheromone analogue. That means that it is a man-made version of the substance your cat deposits when she rubs her cheek on your leg or furniture. This substance is a signal that cats use to mark objects in their "territory"."
What is Feliway? | Indoor Pet Initiative

"Some people love this product, while others claim that it doesn't work at all. Of course, we have to take into consideration that every cat has a different personality. The problem may not be the spray, it simply may not be attractive to a particular cat."
Feliway and Naughty Cat Behavior Modification
Another study shows that Feliway™ doesn’t work | cats and squirrels and other important things…
Did try the 'feliway' thing. It didn't work in the way of a calming technique. As a matter of fact it accelerated the aggression and it became a true battleground. Once I removed the thing, it calmed down.
It worked for the cats! ,I don’t know what type of anxiety the cat has to have, it might be like depression and panic disorder, they don’t touch each other a lot now . When Phoebe was alive they washed each other a lot more .
But gizmo is very active ‘small creature syndrome’ small usually means mean,He goes to his place in the street and sits ,waiting for an unsuspecting ,desperate cat !so he can stalk it! then a combination of the ominous noise Or lack of noise wait a short period of time he comes back.
@tree I had presumed feliway Was in America first ,I think it’s been in England about 10 years maybe maybe a bit longer ,I don’t use a spray ,I use something you plug in the wall,Why they would want to sell you a spray when you have a cat and spraying anything is a threat to a cat ,I don’t know(That’s just the nervous , nonplussed way I express myself), Cats have got used to some of the things I do !!!!!but spraying things doesn’t happen !.
Got to work out how to clean the oven( it’s not built in its freestanding the grill is on the top ) !,while the cat is sitting on top of it ,the smell from the oven cleaner is indescribable , The oven is nearly exactly like the one above . they weren’t thrilled by the calm food ,thought not, not smelly enough,but they did eat some of it .
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Using soap nuts for the first time in the laundry:


Soap Nuts are actually a berry (a fruit) related to the lychee and are not nuts at all. They are completely nut allergy safe and have been used successfully with no reactions by people with nut allergies. They earned the name “nuts” because of the way that they dry into hard shells resembling nuts, as opposed to squishy fruit. If you have heard of “Soap Berries” they are the same thing, and both terms are used interchangeably.

Soap Nuts have been a solution for people with skin allergies and other conditions, people who have many allergies or compromised immune systems should always take proper precautions and first wash one small item in a small container or sink OR do a patch test before washing an entire load in the washing machine.

What Are Soap Nuts?
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The soap nuts cleaned, and seemed to do well as a replacement for laundry detergent. And they are available locally in bulk. Yet buying something like this, and using it is not really sustainable. As the nut itself is not a locally grown product. It's less expensive to use than laundry detergent, and it is something that will likely not pollute waterways in the same way that laundry detergent does.

Soap nuts are the dried shells (or husks) from the soapberry nut, which come from the Sapindus mukorossi tree—a unique species of trees found in both the eastern and western hemispheres, but native to the tropical conditions of India and Nepal.
I once found a bunch of earthworms drowning in a big puddle on a driveway so I started carefully lifting them out with a twig and placing them somewhere safe. But I really should have put them in the grass or someplace away from the driveway because then someone backed their car out of it and turned them into mush. Nasty. I guess at least the birds had a decent meal of them afterwards.
I have the cutest family of lizards near my door. They are super friendly. Today l waited for a Crane to cross back and forth on the road, it seemed confused on how to get inside of a bush. At the ballet school, there is said to be a 3 legged alligator in the fenced pond area in the back.

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