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Just Another Member
Do any of you guys like creepypastas? I just recently got into them, and I must say, they're really interesting to me. Something about horror just appeals to me; perhaps it's because I was born in October, the same month Halloween is. But ever since I was little, I can vividly remember watching R-rated horror movies and playing M-rated video games, like Resident Evil 2 (First horror game I ever played on the Nintendo 64, beaten it so many times it's not even believable, my dad rented it for me when I was like 5 or 6) and being both scared and amazed at the same time. I guess you could also say I like the feeling of adrenaline that pumps into your body when you're scared as well. But anyway, what's your favorite creepypasta if you like them? I'm a big fan of Ben Drowned personally; because I also like Majora's Mask, even though I can't figure out how to play the game worth a damn.
There's already a thread about this subject here.

I never got Ben Drowned myself, it's like SCP and No End House they do nothing for me and I don't get why they appeal to people. Fear is subjective, though.

Have you seen Channel Zero? That's a Syfy show based around creepypasta. The first season was based on Candle Cove and season 2 will be based on No End House.
I love horror films, but I'm pretty much desensitised to them now. I watch them still for some reason, even though I know that I will likely laugh and/or just roll my eyes throughout because they're always so samey. I can usually tell what's going to happen, especially with things like jump scares.

Creepypastas...ehhh. I've read quite a few and mostly just been bored :D

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