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  1. callmeriver

    having the urge to chew everything I see

    whenever i see an object i always get the urge to chew it. usually i just chew on my chewys to help prevent myself from chewing something that isn’t a chewy but sometimes i still end up chewing the object i’m not supposed to because it looks so satisfying to chew but sometimes it ends up being a...
  2. callmeriver

    did anyone else plays The Sims 2 on the ds?

    today during work i suddenly got nostalgic for the sims 2 for the ds and it reminded me of when i used to play that game constantly and honestly i have gotten the urge to play it again and i think i’m gonna get addicted again which is fine because it helps pass the time :) i was wondering if...
  3. J

    Struggling with fixations and obsessive interests

    I've had obsessions and fixations about certain topics since I was a kid. It's not until recently that it's become a big problem for me. Here's the situation: I'm a big Zelda fan, love the franchise, and I was really excited to hear that Nintendo is making a sequel to Breath of the Wild (a very...
  4. GrownupGirl

    My 3DS Broke!

    Today my 3DS just stopped working for no obvious reason and I have no clue why, although I did discover some damage to it. I guess I just dropped it one too many times. I'm really unhappy because I was going to make a New Year's Video of Animal Crossing: New Leaf tomorrow for my YouTube...
  5. AustinTheAspie


    Do any of you guys like creepypastas? I just recently got into them, and I must say, they're really interesting to me. Something about horror just appeals to me; perhaps it's because I was born in October, the same month Halloween is. But ever since I was little, I can vividly remember watching...
  6. Xenocity

    Seasons of Heavens becomes the first real video game centered around Asperger's.

    The game is built by an indie developer in France. The game's main character is a boy with Asperger Syndrome and the game is heavily centered on it. More information due out this week and They have been meeting with Nintendo over it. The game is due out next year exclusively on Nintendo's new...
  7. Xenocity

    Nintendo launching NES Mini on November 11th for $60/60€

    Yes you read the title right. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the NES, Nintendo is launching Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES on November 11th in NA. EU, AUS. It will cost you $60/60€/$A99 It uses HDMI and comes with one controller. The EU/UK version does not come with a USB AC adapter...
  8. Xenocity

    Nintendo's Miitomo finally come West - iOS and Android only!

    Earlier Today Nintendo formally launched it's first mobile app Miitomo in NA and most of Europe. It is only on iOS and Android. For iOS you need to be on an iPhone 4S or higher. Miitomo is a quirky and fun chat app that allows you to ask and answer questions from those on your friends list...
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