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Cover of fix you and update


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Hey guys I have been feeling a bit better lately I’ve been using a journal like an adapted bullet journal and my psychiatrist does think I’m autistic that I meant to feel better.

He said what’s going on could be part of the spectrumAs in it could be an extent of my autism.

I asked my uncle about this down syndrome thing and he said it could just be the autism which I figured as much.

My social worker and I been working on different things in a way.

I told her about the abuse I believe I suffered in at the hospital many years ago and she believes me.

Pretty soon I’ll be going to a day habilitation program called Jawonio it’s like an arc.

The Arc | For People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

let me know what you think about my singing and tell me if you’ve liked it

Also I have another video I’d like to show you

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Think that you are good with making up lyrics for songs Jen. They have a catchy rhythm to them. You might think about setting your lyrics to instruments, like keyboard generated rhythms and doing some karaoke to get your timing down while singing.
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I started to make a list of my favorite photos in the "Who Says"
video, stopping it to record what times they were at, but
it got to be such a long list that I quit and just watched
you in your many scenes.

13 seconds and 19 seconds were a couple.
Then there were just too many cute ones.
And I quit counting.
Hi Jen. I am glad to hear that you have been feeling better. Nobody likes to feel bad.

That Jawonio program sounds very interesting. I hope that you like it and that it helps you. Please let us know how it is going.

Now about your singing. I like it! Please keep it up. I wish I was as brave and talented as you are. I am looking forward to seeing more videos.
I’m glad to see the positive steps you are taking and wish you luck in your efforts.

Best wishes,
It's always great to see positive progress on ones well being, be it mentally or physically. Keep up the good work; it's a slog at times but very much worth it in the end!
It takes guts to put yourself on YouTube, especially singing! Fix You is a favourite of mine too. I'll watch it shortly when I can put some headphones on (it's a bit antisocial when my wife's watching TV ;) )
I've read a bit about Jawonio before - they sound like they could be just the ticket so good news indeed :)
Every so often when we are traveling down that path called life, we run into a special individual who shines just a bit brighter than others.

Today, it is Jen's turn to be in the spotlight and show us what she's got.
She did awesome in my eyes, doing something that many would have shied away from.

Jen, I admire the way you set your sights on the horizon no matter what comes your way.

We could all stand to learn that lesson from you and personally, I'm very proud of you ;)
Watched the videos now - Had to wait until bedtime (it's past 11pm here).
Your singing has some real potential Jen but I'm not the best judge. Simon Cowell won't be calling me up for any panel jobs soon.
I do know video though, and your photo montage was great. Really enjoyed it and it felt almost like it was telling a story. You are indeed our star for the day! Ruddy well done (as they say over here) :)
Thank you everyone and thank you nitro I will embrace that comment and itreally means a lot to me

It is an extremely difficult for me lately is specially with the unfortunate loss of my teddy bear Justin.

But that’s for another post have something to show you guys in Belto but that’s for another post have something to show then.

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