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update details

  1. Jenisautistic

    three little birds cover staying positive

    happy autism acceptance month this is an example of how i feel the majority of time with my autism and other disabilities It makes me overly joyous and excited on the simplest things and I'm blissful naïve but not ignorant and like my shirt says there is no cure for being yourself it has...
  2. Roxiee

    This is hard to say.

    So, a close friend on here recommended that I get in touch with law enforcement because my ex boyfriend tried breaking into my mother's home and he asked her through the window where I was and if he could have sex with me, she obviously said no and he left. I have had it rough with him, I'm...
  3. Jenisautistic

    My new room

  4. Jenisautistic

    Why frozen two speaks to me and I’ll be coming back to work again and again Also an update

    Hey everyone I know I’ve Haven’t been on in a while just wanted to share my YouTube video with you and let you guys and how I’m doing I am doing well I have a new person through with the office of people development disabilities as a mentor she is very nice we have been doing a lot of fun...
  5. Jenisautistic

    I found out what major noncognitive disorder really means ( update)

    I can't say much right now but i found that it means dementia which I've been diagnosed with I know it may sound strange seeming my age maybe that's where the injury is or what it is I just found out for sure today after about my life plan Which is created by my new social worker from...
  6. Jenisautistic

    Hi Another update

    Hey everyone I just want to make this a quick update Just to say I’m doing OK I’ve been going on trips in my special-needs recreation program and hang out with a friend of mine I’m still waiting on getting services however I pretty much have got eligibility I’ve been seeing a...
  7. Jenisautistic

    Disney Mulan reflection cover Plus a bit of an update

    Hey everyone I’ve been doing pretty good lately going to camp and having fun going on different trips still no word on the services thing yet but I’m still hoping for the best. Today my program is going to a theater outside and it’s going to be a really nice day I’m really excited...
  8. Jenisautistic

    Just some random updates

    Hey everyone it’s me Jennifer please don’t feel obligated to answer any questions I may have in this video I just want to talk randomly and share some updates with you If you want to share your thoughts on this update as well or any thoughts you might have it’s welcome as well Just a...
  9. Jenisautistic

    Cover of fix you and update

    Hey guys I have been feeling a bit better lately I’ve been using a journal like an adapted bullet journal and my psychiatrist does think I’m autistic that I meant to feel better. He said what’s going on could be part of the spectrumAs in it could be an extent of my autism. I asked my uncle...
  10. Mr Allen

    How to update payment details for Google Play Music?

    Topic. I have been on the website itself and Googled for info on how to update the details but can't find anything of merit. Due to a security issue this week, I've had to receive new debit cards for both my Bank accounts, and they've tried to take payment this morning from one of the...
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