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Contemplating being unemployed for a while.


Video game and movie addict.
V.I.P Member
I have been having some serious health issues recently that has made the two hours both ways bus commute for a job where I work four hour shifts even more of a pain.

If I leave this job, I will lose a significant part of my income and I would have to seriously tighten my financial belt, though.


 Please erase
V.I.P Member
If you can still survive without the job, it might be worth considering. I feel bad for anyone who has to neglect areas of their life just to earn a basic living in this world -- and to think, some people don't even have that 'opportunity'. That's just a testament to how hard life is for a gigantic portion of the planet.

Although, surviving on less is something I also see as a plus, personally. Spending less on convenience food, for example, but more time preparing it can be a bit rewarding. There's always a give and take, but I hate seeing so many people sacrifice their health for their livelihood, sometimes even out of necessity.

Good luck to you either way! I hope you can pay attention to your health, that part matters a lot!


Serenity waves, beachy vibes
V.I.P Member
Oh boy. Two hours is a hella of a commute. By bus. Trying telling your boss, you don't know if you can commute anymore, maybe? She seems to really depend on you. Maybe she might have a idea.


Video game and movie addict.
V.I.P Member
Honestly, I have not put much thought into where I will be in one year from now, let alone five or ten. I have been coasting through life, working my PT job and then going home and wasting countless hours in front of my television.

My new sponsor wants me to keep my current job and become a PT student to expand my brain and make it easier for me to find a better job in the future. He is correct, of course.


Hopefully Human
Staff member
V.I.P Member
If you do choose not to work, it seems important to continue to live your life with structure in it. Being unemployed sounds so nice to most working people, understandably. But the reality of it is that if you don't find other ways to structure your days and your weeks, things can get very challenging, especially for someone in recovery.

For many years, I was unemployed due to "mental health reasons," and I was lucky enough to be supported during this time. But the real thing that I needed to support my mental health was to get back to work. For the last year and a half, my job has provided a most integral structure in my life and has kept me true to my sobriety.


I'm from the other end of the spectrum.
V.I.P Member
Rodafina is right. I'm officially retired now. I have a full pension for the rest of my life and I have government subsidised housing too. In all honesty it's not worth me getting out of bed for anything less than $110K a year, that's what I'd need to earn to have same the lifestyle I now live.

But there is no structure in my life and I struggle to sleep regular hours. If I could find a group of people that I fit in well with I'd be happy to work again. Because of the welfare package I'm on I'd prefer to work as a volunteer, then if they ask me to do things I don't want to I can tell them to bugger off. :)


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
With the job experience you have now, you can probably find a similar job that is closer commute wise. It is easier to find a comparable part time job than a comparable full time job. Focus on finding another job first because that commute is insane and takes away a lot from your life.

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