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I spoke with the body shop. They said they'd Raptor Paint it for free. But can't guarantee the rust won't come back. It would of course return - if it's just been painted over.

They said they only treat and prep the top layer when respraying. Advising me they didn't take it back to bare metal as it would've cost me more. Yet this is costing me more in the long run.

After having a full respray I expected to be rust free for years - not months. I asked them what needs to be done to future proof it, and they said a full, bare metal respray - but said it wasn't cost effective for the vehicle age. End of last year I booked the van in for a full respray and was pursuing what I assumed to be future proofing, and now, to be told we need to do it all over again, for more money? [insert blasphemous statement]

I'm upset that the end isn't in sight with the bodywork issue. A lot of debt looms overhead, and yet I feel an urgency to save quickly for the electrics and heating, so I can actually start living in my van. Projects can be financial black holes, but I don't want to feel like I'm continually sinking.

Why didn't you just buy a newer van? Had that question a lot. But a project, with mounting investment is someone's passion and focus. To be told - stop and get something entirely different. That advice is obvious, but not helpful.

This vibe sucks, and very overwhelming. Half my budget has been on body work, and it's still giving me grief all within space of a year. The bodyshop told me to speak with the owner after Christmas.

In other news my car isn't behaving right, and there is £0 to fix that right now either. But driving 1500+ miles a month is certainly contributing to it's downfall.

Been practicing mindfulness - screaming in the car and punching the door card. You know - general meditation.
Brain fog is now coming into play. Half day Sunday, so I can get enough sleep.

Panic attack last night - another "is this it?" moment. Aching a lot today, and my tension is on a knife edge. I don't want to bring that to client's homes - so I put on a smile and act, but it just makes taking off that mask a lot sadder afterwards.

I'm tired, boss. Still, I'm alive and haven't smoked. Limiting sugar intake too. Trying my damndest not to impulse buy anything, as that is a poor coping mechanism I have in times of stress. I want to try and ride through this period without adding to the long list of stressors that are occurring at this present moment in time.

But life is long, and 2023 has certainly been eventful. Next year will bring about new steps and paths to take.

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Try to stick it out. Life is hard, l wish somebody told me that as a kid. Then it just gets harder. (Face palm)
Ego makes very difficult for us to admit we did wrong. Its even more difficult to convince others they did wrong. I am comming to believe that autist hiperfocus and rigidity of mind makes autists even more difficult to convince they did wrong.

Reality is not interested in convincing humans, it just smash us once and another time when we do things that doesnt work.

I think that you already know that an old and rusty vehicle is great just for those who make profit by repairing it.

Its a shame that it was so rusty. Its very difficult that you get rid of that. You could not know it, so its not your fault. Your project would be brilliant if it was not for that rust.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Well I can't sell the van. Then I'd have nothing but several years of debt.

This needs finishing, and will be. Giving up now is illogical.

Well I can't sell the van. Then I'd have nothing but several years of debt.

This needs finishing, and will be. Giving up now is illogical.


I'd be tempted to repaint it and then sell it "as is" to someone else, no warranties, no representations, no disclosures, nothing but offer to sell as it is. But I understand that you're unlikely to get enough money to make you whole again, plus you still would have no transportation. :(
I'm not doing it all over again. This is my van, and whilst to many it seems foolhardy - it will be my home in the end.

I know all I do with a project vehicle is delay future repairs. But I want a strong foundation - hence the bodywork budget.

If it was me, I would let the bodyshop spray it again for free and concentrate on the other stuff that needs to be finished. And if the rust reappears, I would simply let it be because it's just surface rust, it will take years before it does any real damage and the van will be perfectly drivable with the rust. Rust needs access to oxygen to spread and grow, so with some luck a raptor respray will stop it or at least slow it down.

So I could just let that be, just live with some rust on it and perhaps fix it later instead. Fixing it now or fixing it later will be pretty much the same thing. It's not optimal, it's nice to have a vehicle with no rust, but sometimes we have to make the best of a situation and adjust our plans and expectations to avoid getting a heart attack and a peptic ulcer. And that rust won't stop Boxanne from being drivable or usable. And she will still look great on the inside, no rust there and that's where you'll spend time. You won't be hanging around outside it just staring at the rust.
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Thanks @Forest Cat I got caught up in my thinking and forgot to even consider the generous offer regarding the Raptor paint.

I'm also going to ask them about storage for the van. As when it's done in May/June I'll be intending to change to live in care. 2 weeks on, 2 off. If I can pay for storage for the van and car. As I'll swap one out with the other.

Large, gated yard. Perfect really. I'm hoping he's receptive to the offer of a bit of free cash for a small space in a large bit of land.

Your project is brilliant even with the rust. Stuff happens in life, this isn't your fault. It sounds like a perfect solution for two weeks on, two weeks off. Congrats on that progression. Good luck on the land deal.
What we use up north where the road salt eats away at cars every winter: duct tape.

It even comes in colors now and you can probably match that lavender.
Feels more homely with familiar items inside.


Got my sea gull companion for Boxanne.
Named him Gulliver - to accompany me on my Travels...


Made a silly video unboxing him too:

WW2 medic box is now fitted. Now I'm planning out corner storage for my boots, and a coat rack. All to fit behind the space where the door hooks onto the wall.

Now I wonder if using an umbrella and making a copper water channel/gutter could hydrate one of my (many) cacti.




  • 1713030320171.jpeg
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The swinging door hook on the wall is leaving a semi-circle mark on the wallpaper. I had thought of getting a small clip. Dull.

I pondered further and got something to protect it which is in the same shape that the hook swings against the wall.

Decided on a beautiful, hand-forged horse shoe.


Land owner where the body shop is has called me back. Charging a peppercorn rent of £1 a day to store the van there as long as I please.

Fenced off, private land, with electronic gated access. Right next to the body shop and a competition car workshop and garage for future work on Boxanne, and another future project vehicle.



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