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Autism Allegory; A....Thesis?

NoKipAr on the run

Well-Known Member
I came up with an idea for a cartoon back in 2016 ...in which it takes Autism and Asperger's and uses allegories much like
the allegories from X-Men (about Minorities) and Steven Universe (about LGBTQAI+ topics) I personally want to avoid the
possibility of making this "Superhero" orientated. seeing as how that's been used.

Also, I have no idea how to do this idea.

what's the Genre? what am I supposed to say?

this....feels more genuine than just my Big Sprawling Space Epic "Vixion Warfare".
in fact, my Uncle sees it as "beating a dead horse with the Autism stuff".

hmmmmmmmm I want to avoid stuff like.........................using something ....

cliche. like Aliens and Robots.

any thoughts?

my friend's cousin is making an indie cartoon about his heritage in Canada.

Any thing? anything At all?

an indie cartoon does sound like a good idea.

thank you.


I'm from the other end of the spectrum.
V.I.P Member
It's an interesting idea. I can give you a scenario to think about that might lead to other ideas for you.

My state government just started up a scheme running seminars designed to help employers better understand problems autistic people face in the work place and how to keep us in employment. I'm sitting in on my first seminar next week as an Autism Advocate so I don't know what it's going to be like yet but I'm looking forward to it.

To me one of the biggest problems is the work place bully.

And then there's another issue I suggested they think about as a discussion topic:


This is not intended to disparage in any way but I think it would make a very important discussion point at some time in the future.

These seminars regarding autism are being held in a platform and format that is completely inaccessible to many autistic people. I'm a very good communicator in a face to face situation but over a phone or other electronic media I'm almost deaf. I have to keep asking people to repeat themselves again and again.

This is true of a great many autistic people. We also can't learn from training videos. It's the same problem with struggling to understand voices. It takes me more than 45 minutes to watch a 10 minute video because I have to keep replaying bits of it over and over trying to make sense of the words.

I'd give a rough estimate that this is true for about 25% of the autistic population and seems to be more prevalent in the high functioning population. Most of us have no trouble understanding voices in a live situation, there's some level of information missing in electronic media though and it is crucial to us.

NoKipAr on the run

Well-Known Member
yes, Information is important,

and so is communication!

but I'm talking about a cartoon idea, if that makes sense. bullies are a big problem for me even to this day. though I forgot What I was going to explain something involving what your statement was.

it was probably that I "Should understand Autism better than "Quirky Brain problem that makes you quote shows like Simpsons and Homestar Runner Verbatim""

....yes, I should do research.

If I get around to remembering what I said..............or rather meant to say, I might post it later.

this place is not an open invitation to woe grievances on stuff about Ramen,
women and a looming force.


I'm from the other end of the spectrum.
V.I.P Member
I just thought the scenario and your imagination might lead to ideas, I'm not really all that inventive myself, more of a technician than an artist with creativity.
Last edited:

NoKipAr on the run

Well-Known Member
everyone has their strongsuits, my man.


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