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I find some people don't have either the courtesy or sense to pick a seat what doesn't squeak as this obviously distracting to other library users. Also people in libraries who eat or rustle things or are on their phone or who pick their nose or ears other people have to touch things too!
I find some people don't have either the courtesy or sense to pick a seat what doesn't squeak as this obviously distracting to other library users. Also people in libraries who eat or rustle things or are on their phone or who pick their nose or ears other people have to touch things too!
People who want to take library materials into
the restrooms to read while they are on the toilet. :confused:

The librarian at the local library told me about the woman
who took the newspaper in with her. She was offended
when the staff told her not to do that again.

"Well, you can't do anything around here anymore,"
said the woman, and huffed out of the library.....leaving
the staff to deal with the plugged toilet.
The talking is what gets me, especially when its the staff doing the talking. I used to be interrupted all the time when trying to read or write a paper at the school library.

There were also students who would use private study rooms to snuggle up with someone and watch a movie. Not only does that take a study space away from someone else, it also distracts all the people who can hear the movie they are playing way too loud. We have a huge student center on campus. Why aren’t they watching movies there?
if only we could reintroduce the good old catholic concepts of shame and embarrassment
social shaming was great
it's been replaced by 'proud to be scum'
Squeeky chairs, ouch, yes, that's annoying. I think that most people are able to block them out and ignore them, so it doesn't bother them that much. But I can't just ignore it, it's like a dentist's drill hammering into my brain and constantly interupting my thoughts. And it hurts. Also: squeeky doors in hospitals. I'm seriously thinking of taking a can of WD40 around with me when I have to go to public buildings to spray the hinges. I'd be doing everyone a favour.

I take earplugs with me just about everywhere I go, or ear defenders. They help enormously.
Iv never been to librairy in general and I dont know if you are talking about that but also librairy at unniversity i never managed to do any productive work there. Any time when someone talks or move or even sometimes turn a page it discractes me...

People say go to the librairy to work but they dont know that every 20sec something disctracts me and it take me 30sec go back to work so its like I can't never realy work there.
I've been to many libraries. Loved going to one big one as a kid. Only rarely had any problems with distractions, which could be easily fixed by moving locations. They were often very empty.
I realize people do make noise that bugs other people, in the Library... But wow its still the best smelling quietest place probably left on the planet... I like the smell of the books (gosh today I am just telling all my stupid secrets)...

I figure with good timing, good headphones, and a good mindset the Library is still a reasonably safe and good place to hang out and just absorb information...

If not we can go with OILiE's option, but we are already labeled as socially unstable and murderous by the news media, so that might not look to good on us either... However it does sound good in theory : )
Libraries have changed BIG time. Now people talk- and loudly. They don’t know how to use computers, or printers, and need the attendant to sit down and give them lessons. Why do these loud people always sit next to me? They talk on phones. They rattle and rustle papers. They dig around in back packs, bags and purses. They type loudly, breathe, and cough loudly. They whisper as loudly to their friends sitting next to them as loudly as if they were talking normal. Then there are the loud coins being fed into the printer. The jingling to find just th right change in the coin purse, or accidentally dropping to the tile floor with a huge sound. Then there are the loud noisy children at the checkout lines.
My public library has reading cabins. When I want to use the library I always show up early so I can snag one of those.
Libraries have been forced to broaden their scope if they are to survive. Information takes so many non-print forms these days. There are usually times when a library will be quieter; you could ask the librarian when that would be.
A good library has a combination of private (quiet) places and event spaces... The city where I live recently built a large library downtown... Most times when you go into the building it is fairly quiet, there is a theatre with a nearby set of stairs where performances happen... But the building is large enough that there are plenty of quiet spaces, chairs facing the window, where quiet conversation might happen, or quiet enough to curl up and read a book...

But even in a smaller library, there are likely times when it is quiet and mostly undisturbed, probably even most of the time... Often libraries are host to literary and cultural events, but you could easily find out when those events are happening...

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