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Are aspies and auties boring people?


V.I.P Member
Speaking in my capacity as an NT, I can't imagine finding most of you boring. There are some of you who are endlessly entertaining in your own unique ways, that's for sure. To me a boring person is someone without interests, curiosity or sense of adventure.


Well-Known Member
One of the reasons I enjoy boring, is I don't like surprises, arguments, drama, the roller coaster of emotions that comes with living a regular life.

That doesn't come across to me as being 'boring', but perfectly normal. Why would anyone consider someone who likes surprises, arguments, drama and roller-coasters to be (somehow) 'exciting'? That's the real puzzle here.

Someone told me that not only am I boring, but canada as a country is boring:rolleyes:

That's because it is! :D

Just joking. If you think Canada is boring, you should just visit Australia. It's a positive yawn-fest. We don't even have decent internet in this country. You would get a stronger signal on the far side of the Moon.

As an aspie/autie how do you think about your life?

I just find it to be supremely ironic that people who like to gossip and engage in 'small talk', obsess over sport, watch television 'reality' shows, and generally try to avoid having to deal with reality as it actually is, would call us boring! o_O:confused:

No, my life isn't boring. I don't like drama either, because it's a complication I simply don't need. Things are hard enough already as they are, even when not much at all is happening, and to an outside observer my life may appear uneventful (or 'boring'), but that's the way I like it. Why would something like this concern them anyway? That's another puzzle. Don't they have their own life to live?


Well-Known Member
We're not boring, we just don't always agree with their idea of fun!

Personally, I often come off as boring because I don't want to put my interests and opinions about everything out there to be judged, and I don't want to make up fake ones that I know no one would consider weird. Even if I tried, I probably couldn't pull it off.

I have been experimenting with letting people know a few things about me lately, now that I have a little bit of an idea of what NTs like and consider acceptable. It's usually successful because I'm unusual enough that most of what I do let through is interesting to them because they've never thought of things that way before. However, when I misjudge what I should let someone know it's very embarrassing so I'm often not inclined to risk it. There's also no way I can pretend to be interested in something like the weddings of my 5 classmates who are getting married this year, so I probably seem very boring in those conversations.

It sure would be nice to live in a world where we can all like what we like and dislike what we dislike with no one judging anyone for it, as long as we're not hurting anyone. This is not that world, though, and I'd rather seem boring than put all my effort towards trying to seem interesting but still normal.


Well-Known Member
I was called boring many years ago by a guy I went on a date with who found my talking about comics boring, I admit I didn’t realise I was boring and thought he was interested in what I was saying but found out years later that wasn’t the case,but now I don’t care about being boring because I rather be a boring person who takes joy in her interests like drawing,collecting etc than someone who is fun but has complete chaos in their lives because I did have a chaotic home life in the past and hated it.

Clueless in Canada

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I'm a Canadian also but I don't believe Canadians are inherently boring. Like you, I don't want drama in my life, am not a risk taker or a thrill seeker so perhaps to some that is boring but I choose to associate with people who think I am interesting so that's about three people. LOL I find plenty of people boring. People who only want to talk about sports or gossip or the details of what they did today are boring to me. Small talk is boring to me. I assume that it is natural to find those who don't share our interests somewhat boring.


Well-Known Member
I often feel boring when talking to people. I think it's because I'm no good at small talk and also not very good at pretending to be interested in things. I don't understand why anyone would want to be friends with me.

Yet I don't think other autistic people are boring at all. Also my partner would probably say I'm the opposite of boring (he's always surprised by me).

My life is pretty boring though, as in not too many adventures. I like it that way. I kind of like getting older.


Well-Known Member
I find most people boring and many find me boring. Why? We don't share interests. Since Aspie's usually have interests that most other people don't have, then they would be considered boring by most other people.

Anything that veers from the norm is labeled. It's just a label and we can choose to buy into it or not.


V.I.P Member
I think a lot of people find me boring, because I'm not much of a talker. I can happily sit in silence for hours on end, and prefer to only speak if I have something particular to say. Thus, I bore most people. I'm lucky to have found friends who like me anyway, and who can actually coax me into having a conversation regularly.

I don't find myself boring though, I have a very active mind, there is always something interesting to think about! Boredom is just a lack of attention. I have also had a more adventurous life than most of the people I've met.

Nervous Rex

High-functioning autistic
V.I.P Member
A friend at work has a t-shirt with a statement about engineers that I want to appropriate for Aspies:

"Aspies are not boring. They just get very excited about boring things."


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Against the slings and arrows of the surging crowd
or to take arms against a sea of normalcy
and by opposing end them.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
fardel (plural fardels)
Middle English, ferthe del (fourth part) equivalent to fourth deal.
An English unit of land area understood as the fourth part of an oxgang or yardland.


Well-Known Member
Against the slings and arrows of the surging crowd
or to take arms against a sea of normalcy
and by opposing end them.

To bore to sleep; :)

No more !
Be proud to bore and end the heart ache and thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to,
Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished (by some) to bore to sleep,


21 year old artist
Other folks might think my life is boring, but I prefer to have a quiet lifestyle, with minimum interaction involving neurotypicals. In my experience (which isn't much because I hate socializing) aspies are more interesting than neurotypicals. This could be because they may share more about themselves than the average person. I also find them easier to talk to, as we tend to think on the same wavelength.


King of Isolation
I wouldn't say that we're boring. Although I can't speak for others here, but I have a very narrow list of interests and I obsess over them. Just because I'm mostly unwilling to break from those interests onto something else doesn't make me boring.

My interests will never get old. They will always hold a special place in my heart.


Tempermental Artist
What I think what it is, is that NTs are the ones who are really boring, and that's why we can't even pretend to listen to them talk about their interests or whatever goes on in their lives without slipping into a coma.:sleeping:

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