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Any one else here obsessed with physics?

Have you looked at Penrose's stuff on the cyclical universe and how the universe could expand to a point where it "forgets" its scale, thus the very large universe is mathematically the same as a singularity which prompts the next big bang. Rinse and repeat.

Suskind answered this cyclic cannot happen as it is perpetual motion. so falsified so just one big bang.
Odd thing about General Relativity . . . a person teleporting* from the Sol system to the AB Centauri system would take about 4.3 years to an outside observer . . . but to the person being teleported, no time would have passed at all.

(*If teleporting at the macro scale would be possible, that is.)

So if I took the trip, spent 8 hours taking pictures and collecting samples, and then teleported back home, about 8 years and 8 months would have passed on Earth between my departure and my return; while to me, it would be just another day's work.

Should I charge NASA for only the 8 hours of actual effort, or for the 8.6 years of full-time employment?
to get there you need continuous acceleration and then coming back deceleration. What would be the power source travelling through a fourth dimension, once we understand how to use nonlocality would be much more effective could travel anywhere in universe .
I derived the "thought experiment" from the formula for relativistic time dilation, and the fact that tau is zero at c.

This means that (to an outside observer) while a photon may take an infinite amount of time to transit an infinite distance, no time at all would pass for the photon itself.

The means of 'teleportation' is irrelevant for this thought experiment since nothing -- not even information -- can exceed the speed of light in the real universe. All that is required for teleportation is for the object to stop existing in one location and start existing in another. Subjective transit time would be zero while objective transit time would be constrained by causality -- the object could not arrive at the destination in less time than it would take a photon to transit the same distance.

Speculative fiction, however, could posit any number of whiz-bang mechanisms by which teleportation is achieved; but that's not what this thread is about.
There is a mathematical proof that does not allow information to travel faster than light cannot Rember the name.
my solution with two parallel universes with time as the variable a loophole as time would no longer be an obstacle.
the fourth spatial dimension is the thickness of space itself. one side time goes forward the other side time goes in reverse. Leonard Susskind's latest theory with black holes and worm holes fits the bill.
Parallel universes are mathematical models taken up by speculative fiction writers to provide 'sandbox' environments for their creativity to run wild. Until parallel universes are actually proven to exist, they impose no relevance on reality.

And by proof, I mean an actual demonstration that accesses such a thing at the macro scale.
At least my hypothesis corresponds to Occam's razor more than can be said for Copenhagen and pilot wave
information cannot travel faster than light but light also takes the shortest path. see the U-tube video That I watched two days ago referenced above. Nov. 3. It could constitute proof, rather unusual anomaly. If you really want fun make a Mobus strip the glue join is the big bang trace out the arrow of time, see where you end up the past precedes the present and future irrespective of starting point left or right.
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I never let a YouTube video do my thinking for me. College textbooks (like the ones I own) present science topics much better and are much more reliable -- their claims are consistent from text to text, unlike YouTube videos.
I do my own thinking always have I just trust what I can see solve many real-life puzzles. textbooks are written by people. I use the videos the same way others in the public read magazines take with grain of salt. this particular video was about a recently conducted experiment. and the anomalous results they got. I watched firsthand while Fred Hoyle debated whether the steady state universe existed. and many other revolutions in physics. been around.
see my avatar. Spent a good part of my working life changing my employers Paradyme. Of how their business work.
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I did not know of this until my son asked me what he thought was a stupid question how they can measure this speed without a good definition of length, I came home looked it up and found the Einstein convention. what a shock, this is not commonly known. the first video I checked out had 100,000 comments so I was not the only person blind sided.
Watched U-tube video in which Peter Woit was interviewed, quite interesting hours long. could follow pretty well all of it.
Watching the various u-tube videos on Eric Weinstein and the latest ruckus interesting, Can follow a good chunk of the math. Looks like Erik's hypothesis, Has some holes like that it involves 4 spatial dimensions?
Hope this does not turn into a mess like the ABC conjecture have followed that for years.
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Found u-tube videos on Eigenbros interesting discussion can follow the math considering my math is high school.
this is surprising me. I can sort of visualize. the concepts.
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Just realized yesterday that my original argument about absolute length, trashes Eluid's third postulate due to pi being irrational just like square root of 2, basically, quantum mechanics. much like Reimann trashed 5 postulate
Surprised nobody else noticed this.
I've been seeing a distressing number of pseudo scientific articles being presented as fact recently. One involving perpetual motion, and another the moral equivalent of Perpetual Motion, with no moving parts but changing magnetic fields instead. I hope it was the journalist misinterpretation rather than the researchers actually trying to put this across
I just like how Micheal Faraday, could see what after he saw it became obvious to others. Either way he is not the only one with this ability, obvious sign, he was one of us.

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