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Any one else here obsessed with physics?

Any UFOs?:rolleyes::):)
My youngest brother is in the Canadian air force electrical technologist.my oldest brother did some top-secret work for the Canadian Navy 40 some years ago while he was in university forty some years ago, some programming. he got the top IQ score they had every measured.
My youngest brother is in the Canadian air force electrical technologist.my oldest brother did some top-secret work for the Canadian Navy 40 some years ago while he was in university forty some years ago, some programming. he got the top IQ score they had every measured.
Probably good things to keep to yourself.
Watching some u-tube videos on the Poincare conjecture, using some very good visual descriptions. Started to see some connections with physics. Can perfect spere exist?
My issue is irrational numbers exist but do irrational lengths exist and how does this fit in with quantum mechanics.
if you want fun check a few videos from Leonard Suskind and Neil Turok the only guys making real headway, and now I've added Steven Wolfram for the bones of a theory. Eric Weinstein lost credibility.
Before I retired when no busy making ink, I would search math and physics, one day a noticed some thig strange this thing called monster moonshine I knew about the monster group, checked out the interesting back story on this weird stuff called monster moonshine which was two unrelated branches of mathematics that somehow got connected by accident at a conference when a two math mathematicians in these two branches met and one noticed a number which his Colleague also recognized Hey wrote a paper together which shook the math community. So it was jokingly called monster moonshine as only a person drunk on moonshine would have made the connection. another mathematician connected it further, got a fields medal he connected it to string theory a further unexpected connection. Now I am back on-board with string theory. Now I see papers coming out five years later connecting.
them even more firmly.
I has to do with symmetries It is the largest of mathematically defined symmetry groups. The groups are finite in size. neat math over what I learned in high school Check out John Conrad or Mirianda Cheng.
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I've been doing an overview of physics for 60 years, seen theories come and go watched very bright people dead end via falsification. lately seeing two completely different theories converging one by Steven Wolfram and the second by Neil Turok.
Watching latest u-tube video with Lee Smolin on his latest theory. really perked me up. Read Lee's book years ago.
known of him for years liked the way he screwed philosophers' years ago. can no longer find that paper joke paper
real gottcha moment. What I like is so far nothing has falsified what I see in my mind's eye and have stated on this thread. Just surprised, nobody brighter than me did not see the low hanging fruit no such thing as absolute length.
explained Pi irrational numbers. people I tell it to who see it for first time are stunned. physics majors. once you see it you cannot unsee it. This is the only place I've shown it.
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Watching latest great courses on quantum mechanics, excellent getting harder as winter abates hard to find time to watch four disk 24 lectures total concurrently increasing my knowledge of chemistry with the physics.
love it. Professor Erica Carlson is an amazing teacher one of the best. likes visuals.
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Interesting thoughts to night if a black hole is a Klein Bottle the thickness of the event horizon is equivalent to the thickness of the glass in four dimensions and gravity is analogous to the surface tension of the glass a force independent of the thickness of the glass, After all if gravity waves exist what is waving space itself. basically trying to quantize gravity is nuts, string theory is nuts their is four spatial dimensions not three.and time is independent and emergent in agreement with how Carlos Rovelli describes it.
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Cannot say last night was special as what see has been taking on a picture slowly in my mind for many months there is one universe one big bang just two side back or front anti matter or matter one side going forward in time the other back ward irrespective which side your on makes no difference time moves forward technically you can move forward or back ward in time just by transversing this fourth dimension. gravity on both sides analogy surface tension. general relativity and quantum mechanics equally valid both sides. time in absolute terms does not really exist but cancels out on both sides. Why would this huge universe exist if most is just wasted space it is now a play ground. how can we as humans play in it. I'll let the math guys figure it out just like Faraday did. My part is done.
now how long will this sit before others see it and take it seriously. I'm quite content on continuing being a nobody. I have learned over time when I get it I Got I get it I did it for myself. Now on to the bigger puzzle who and what is God.
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As long as information is produced the Univese has not choice but to expand so information is dark energy what form is it in is it a particle is this particle dark matter. The information has to be sored Some where probably at the edge of the Universe on a one dimensional interface such as a hologram, So Leonard Susskind is on to something or
the edge could be the event horizon of a very big black hole where the universe resides in.
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Based on what I can see in my minds eye gravity is by analogy the same as surface tension on the surface of water.the fourth dimension is the water. Top and bottom both having gravity matter on top antimatter on the bottom.

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