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  1. T

    36 year old divorce father of 2.

    Hello. I’ve come to finally accept that I may be on the spectrum at some level. I never felt like I fit in. The thought that I could have autism never crossed my mind seriously until I met an autistic woman at a coffee shop. I finally felt like I was talking to someone who could understand my...
  2. autism-and-autotune

    Do a lot of us just like figuring out how things work?

    For example, I let my impulse get the better of me and purchased sheet music for a specific arrangement of Baroque music. I woke up and the piece was on my mind, and I thought 'Gee I wonder about the inner workings of this arrangement'. Is this common for us to have an insatiable need to explore...
  3. Stuttermabolur

    Did/do you call your family members by their names?

    Starting from when I was four, I called every member of my family by their given names. I didn't call my parents "mom" and "dad", or even my grandparents "grandma" and "grandpa" or anyone else for that matter. It made sense to me as a kid, because potentially every adult is a mom or a dad, while...
  4. catdog55616

    Just a Little Curious!

    I've decided that I'll ask the school's therapist about ASD and such. But I had a question. Has anyone else ever experienced a thing where if something feels wrong, like dirty or unright, they shudder and have to let go if it immediately? I've experienced this while in Piano class, touching the...
  5. Isadoorian

    Are you Childfree?

    Now, I know this will likely become fairly controversial, but I'm interested to see how many people on here are CF. And please keep it clean and no bashing! Follow Bill and Teds Advice along with Wheatons Law! (Be Excellent to Each Other and Don't be a Richard ;) ) For those out of the loop...
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