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youtube channel

  1. C

    autism YouTube channel whose name I can’t remember!

    About 6 years ago when I was in my early teenage years about the time I was diagnosed with ASD, I came across this YouTube channel by this autistic girl and became a regular watcher. She would give advice based in her experience being autistic as a girl and also some regular vlog style videos...
  2. autism-and-autotune

    May I share my weekly(ish) youtube videos here in this community?

    The last thing I want to do is blow my own trumpet or seem as one who spams, but perhaps my creations may be accepted here. My only request is that members don't mention my autism outside this website, or in the comments of the videos (for example, "Hey! (username) from Autism Forums here--I...
  3. Jenisautistic

    Jens video posts

    I decided that if I want to share a video instead of doing it randomly, I'm gonna post it in here. If any of you are interested, please follow this thread, I might even post some other stuff that I find interesting moving on Since today wis always be a somber day what I mean is a reminder...
  4. J


    Jimberry and the Couscous (Youtuber) Music, Poetry, Art, Mental Health AUTISM ADVANCEMENT! ADVANCE AUTISTICS!
  5. Joshua the Writer

    Messing About With the YouTube Algorithm

    I am thinking of when I make videos for my non-gaming channel (Sapphire K), I will still have a recording of gameplay playing in the background. For two reasons: 1. I am not that comfortable with being on webcam. 2. I can manipulate the algorithm. By this, I mean I will be able to put the video...
  6. G

    My YouTube Channel…

    I finally, finally got my YouTube Channel for Claritas up and running; that was so much harder than it needed to be! Hopefully I’ll have my first video up by this afternoon or evening, now, I’m going to take a break and have lunch and than work on my printer issues.
  7. Jenisautistic

    A question for autistic content creators

    hello everyone I have done a couple of blogs on neurodiversity in the past and would like to get back into writing. I sometimes would also make youtube videos and could use advice on that as well. does anyone here create blogs or other content on the internet on this topic or even in general...
  8. Jenisautistic

    Why frozen two speaks to me and I’ll be coming back to work again and again Also an update

    Hey everyone I know I’ve Haven’t been on in a while just wanted to share my YouTube video with you and let you guys and how I’m doing I am doing well I have a new person through with the office of people development disabilities as a mentor she is very nice we have been doing a lot of fun...
  9. Jenisautistic

    ( newest video) why being in the middle of the spectrum can be an ok thing

    Please let me know your thoughts I tried to come up with some positives about being in the middle of the spectum and decided to make a video about it
  10. Jenisautistic

    my youtube intro

    please let me know what you think of my intro:blush: also let me know what to think of my channel trailer
  11. Renzo

    For all of you who could use some motivation

    Hey, I decided to create this thread because I sometimes have a lack of motivation. This imperfection of mine tries to stop me from achieving my goals and I guess you know what I'm talking about. A few days ago I came across the youtube channel of Ben Lionel Scott. He makes very motivational...
  12. Jenisautistic

    What does everyone think about social media?

    anyone on places like Facebook Twitter Instagram etc?? What do you think about these places for people with disabilities?? I have a Facebook and Twitter I have a Facebook since I was little but I have a Twitter recently one when I was little too Oh I also have a YouTube account. But for...
  13. M

    Princess Aspien reaches 500 subscribers

    This is Aspies' Central! Today the channel of Chloe Hayden has reached the 500 mark. The first major aspie female vlogger in my own country, let alone my own state. Also, the first to mention social groups. Here is her introduction video: One social group is mentioned in this video: Another...
  14. smileeachday

    SmileEachDay Youtube Channel

    Hello everyone, Please support my youtube channel called SmileEachDay a channel which you can write autism asperger's questions of all kinds and I answer them to the best I can :) support the Smiley's and become one yourself today :)! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGXrJdbr6tzmNDrm5vkeiw
  15. smileeachday

    support me :)?

    willing to subscribe to your youtube channels if you have one, if you subscribe to mine :). My channel is rather new and am still learning how to make my video's exciting but for those who are my channel is about me doing Q&A sessions every friday for Aspie's or Autistic folk and just my past...
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