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  1. S

    Socialization learning resources?

    Hello all! I’m looking for some help from anyone with knowledge on learning resources - what I’m specifically hoping to find are videos of people talking and interacting from start to finish. Studying conversation and cues have been of great help to me in the past as far as learning how best...
  2. Georgia Galaxy


    In general, What do you do when you're waiting for something and how long does it take you to do it? Me, I like to watch videos or read, but reading is sometimes better ^^ Both is good for knowledge, and sometimes I believe that I've learned all there is to know about a certain topic but I'm...
  3. S

    Cool, nerdy youtube videos

    So I have this ironic tradition where I psyche myself up for working out by finding the most useless (or conversely very useful) nerdy videos on youtube (about 30 minutes in length or longer, give or take) and fire when ready. Today I had the idea of branching out and seeing if anyone else...
  4. Joshua the Writer

    Progress on my Latest YouTube Video

    [Not sure if this is the correct place, lol] This is what I have so far in editing my latest YouTube video. I didn't edit my last one (at all), so I feel bad about that, but here is my progress for my SCP-3008 vid. I usually use a TON of text stuff as not only for transitional slides, but also...
  5. Renzo

    For all of you who could use some motivation

    Hey, I decided to create this thread because I sometimes have a lack of motivation. This imperfection of mine tries to stop me from achieving my goals and I guess you know what I'm talking about. A few days ago I came across the youtube channel of Ben Lionel Scott. He makes very motivational...
  6. Chance

    Favorite Videos or Clips...(+ Quotes)

    I believe every person be they NT, ND, rich, poor, or otherwise has a need to find their reason to be here. Some of us catch on real quick, some of us need a lot of help. I am very grateful for this part of our technology we have today. I can find hope in seconds instead of setting in the dark...
  7. W

    HI I AM WBM25

    Hi I'm WBM25, I like to talk about Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Music, books, and Videos. I'm trying to write a few netflix tv shows, and re-release some old videos and old tv shows. If anyone is interested please feel free to message me. I look forward to chating with everyone!
  8. Friend4any1

    Drastic (or whatever) ways for enjoyment

    Has anyone with ADHD and/or Autism, besides me, get determined to arrange things for options of entertainment? When I was younger, I watched videos in a specific order; “The Mask” (animated series derived from the Jim Carrey movie) [all three videocassettes], “The Mighty Ducks: The First Face...
  9. texkag

    Coming Out to the World

    Hi Everyone I hope 2017 is treating you all well. I've been wrestling with an issue since I was diagnosed with Asperger's a couple of months ago. I have only disclosed the diagnosis to my wife and children but I now realize that if I am to achieve my goal of making a difference within the AS...
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