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toxic relationship

  1. P

    I can move on with my life...

    The situation was like this: due to pandemics and distance, we broke up with my boyfriend. When we returned to college, we decided to see how our relations would go. We didn't get back together but we spent a lot of time together, acting like couple without making it official and everything was...
  2. P

    Im scared of my

    I was dumped six months ago by my toxic boyfriend because I had the nerve to say that something didn't suit me. Of course, he wanted to destroy my reputation and make me the bad guy. However, I survived. A week ago, friend who worked with him on a paid project told me that my ex refused to do...
  3. Mars26

    Mean people

    A few months ago, an unforgivable thing happened to me, my ex-friends decided to ostracize me, lie about me, persuaded my toxic ex to be against me. However, I will not write about it because I already did it. The point is that they organized our college group integration on Friday and invited...
  4. Mars26

    Talking about friend

    Tell me is it wrong to confide in a friend about problems with another friend? Of course, I'm talking about real things that he did, not fictional ones. Because my friend broke our relationship because friend I confide in told him that I was badmouthing him. She didn't tell him this when I first...
  5. P

    Boy trouble

    I have a problem with the guy I was seeing. We were once a couple but broke up. Six months ago, we met at the same university and became friends. We had two dates in February. In March, we were together at a friend's party where I got drunk, talked stupid and even had a concussion. Of course, I...
  6. Mars26

    Troubles with best friend

    I recently have big argument with my best friend in which he told me what a burden I am for him. And no matter what he misunderstands or says incomprehensible (even to neurotypical people), he will always find a way to say that I just don't understand because I have autism. I know that I'm...
  7. O

    Being the lemon in the relationship

    Just saw a post about NTs feeling traumatized in a relationship with an Aspie. The article describing the relationship trauma might have been written by my spouse, who is often convinced he "bought a lemon" when he fell in love with me. He also thinks I use my AS diagnosis as an excuse to get a...
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