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  1. tripleU

    How to make my mom come at a less inconvenient time?

    If I try to do a thing like sitting down and using R, the statistical programming language and the time is bad like just before or after sunset or I am given food etc, I won't like it. I will hate it. I keep waiting for a perfect day, and I figured out that I should wake up early, and some other...
  2. LadyS

    Perception of Time

    I started thinking about time and how I currently perceive it in comparison with neurotypicals... Everyone around me always seem to say that time goes by so fast, in the sense that they're not appreciating things as they should. But for me, time is going so slow. A year feels like 5 years to...
  3. G


    I'm not sure if this the right category to post this under but, does anyone else on here have issues with chores? I always find that doing the dishes really cuts into my time, it always takes like around an hour to get it done; maybe I'm just too thorough with my cleaning. As for cleaning my...
  4. Daydreamer

    The truth about the diagnosis process VS the media.

    I think that most people would agree films and TV shows aren't always exactly accurate. Quite often they are not, because the main purpose is to entertain. I find it amusing sometimes to see how easy TV shows make it look to get a diagnosis. Never showing any complications whatsoever, it is...
  5. Clueless in Canada

    Autism and a Sense of Time

    I have read that 'aspies' are more focused on the present moment and much less focused on the past or present. I don't think I am that way at all and am more likely to be dwelling on past mistakes or planning for the future so as to prevent mistakes or feel safe. I am not at all good at...
  6. Starryeyes18

    Relationship with Aspie Husband - advice

    Hi, I've just joined this site out of desperation to understand more about how you lovely aspie's deal with relationships. My husband and I have been together 9 years, we are married and have a 15 month son and another baby on the way. Things have been difficult since our son arrived and he has...
  7. pjcnet

    1900 Victorian Time Machine

    When I was searching Youtube I came across this video from 1900 which is amazingly good quality. I suspect it's been digitally enhanced while ambient sound has also been added and the speed corrected. It's absolutely fascinating to see everyday people and also children of the UK just going about...
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