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  1. touchofthetism

    idk how to stim anymore

    Hello I have been masking my autistic traits for so long that i have forgotten how to stim. This causes me to suffer from burnout . Does anyone know how to unmask and start stimming again ? I dont remember most of my childhood so i dont know how i used to self regulate back then. All I...
  2. J

    Stimming and concentration

    Hi, Was diagnosed a few years ago now but still learning about autism. I'm a college student and obviously have a lot of work to do and concentration is required. However I find it really hard to concentrate, if I do on the rare occasion concentrate for more than an hour then I get almost tic...
  3. Angie97797

    Happy stim!

    I just happy stimmed for like five minutes because I got a skeleton horse in Minecraft lmao. I named him Jack after Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. I also happy stimmed today because I’m having a sleepover with my best friend tomorrow! I’m very excited. Admittedly it does sound...
  4. callmeriver

    Stimtastic is closing

    i found out recently that one of my favourite shops to buy stim toys and chewys from is closing i am both sad and heartbroken about it because it was one of the first places that helped with my chewing and stimming needs. is anyone else sad about this? i’m pretty sure i am not the only one
  5. meg_amber98


    I’m Meg, I’m 22, I’m a suicide survivor, in Ed recovery, sufferer of social anxiety and depression and recently diagnosed asd. I’m hopefully on the road to sobriety but I just can’t seem to stay on the right path. It’s not that I’m a social drinker or smoker of the green stuff as I don’t really...
  6. callmeriver

    does anyone remember Smelly Bellys?

    as a kid i loved these toys called smelly bellys, they were small plush toys with different scents which relaxed me as a kid and were fun to stim with. one of my favourites was Veri Cherry which had a cherry scent to it. i was wondering if anyone else remembers them if so did you have them? what...
  7. D

    Brother of ASD, what should I do here?

    Hello all, I'm looking to get some advice on what I should do/not do when it comes to my brother's meltdowns. The worst stim is watching sports, he has a specific team and gets extremely upset when they lose... and they lose a lot. By upset, I mean hitting his head, yelling, swearing, slamming...
  8. AngelaS267

    Are these Stims?

    Hey, so I'm new to learning about a lot of my behavior being on the spectrum. I have been going back over my behavior trying to decide if what I'm doing is stimming or not. I keep touching my face... A lot. And I realized that I've done that a lot through my life. I will run my fingers over my...
  9. Highway Cowboy

    Let's Talk about Stimming

    Hello guys, for those of you who don't know I'm a 46 year old Aspies HGV Driver. Only recently diagnosed.. For years I've done this thing where when driving on the motorway I have to bang my teeth together when passing a lamp post, road signs or between marker posts. I try and do it when half...
  10. Lady Penelope

    Plane friendly stim toys

    I'm worried that if I take some of my stim toys on international flight in on board cabin they will be confiscated at security. I have no evidence they will and have googled for possible restrictions. But does anyone know of any restrictions placed on stim toys by airlines? Is putty a no-go...
  11. Coupe

    Chewable pendant

    *Trigger Warning for Shame and Internalized Ableism, and mentions of Food and Eating I used to have this really great chewable pendant from Stimtastic (I highly recommend them, btw :)) that was circular and had a cloud image in the middle. When I learned chewable pendants existed and recalled...
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