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  1. S

    Your creative process! (Speedpaints, videos, and more!)

    Ok, so. I want to see your creative process! But first, I'll explain what I mean. Most of the time, we post pictures and videos of the art itself in its final form... but what if this time, we posted pictures and videos of the processes we use to get there, mistakes and everything? Of course...
  2. OnyxM

    Information processing issues?

    Do you guys have any specific information processing issues? Like visual, auditory, or in general? Not sure how these issues are connected with autism and ADHD or if they're a seperate condition or if they're directly caused by autism and/or adhd but I have noticed some issues I have and it's...
  3. MystieNymph

    Career Support (Auditory Processing)

    Hi, I wanted to start a thread on any career support this community has for my auditory processing. I decided to join surmising that there were probably tons here with APD. I don't have Asperger's nor do I have autism. I just have this disability where I am very slow at processing language and...
  4. Ylva

    "Slow processing speed"

    I've seen this claim leveled against us before, including in a recent thread I didn't want to derail, so I'm posting here to ask: Does anyone else… not name things right away? Like, you see it, but you don't immediately identify it? Especially with close-ups, I can have trouble telling that a...
  5. stuckinpain

    Socially Awkward Experiences...

    I wonder if I will ever accept that I have Asperger. I hate that I can't get any words out from my mouth in groups. It's so difficult and all I want is to be like the others.. Yes social. How do you learn to accept it? How do you learn to deal with that your social skills are terrible and that...
  6. adh2d

    trouble understanding descriptions the way they're supposed to be understood?

    I've found that I've always had a problem with imagining a setting and characters? Sometimes it's impossible for me to formulate a picture of a visual description and most of the time it's, wrong. In book fanbases I've noticed fanart seems to all have the same general idea of what the setting...
  7. Cogs Of My Cranium

    Are we blind?

    i know this is a tad dramatic but if something like 80% (probably more) of communication is non verbal and we can't see it or have a great deal of trouble seeing it, is it fair to say we are visually impaired? Or is it that we do see it but have trouble processing it? It would be cool if someone...
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