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  1. AndyTrunks

    Shining some light on Insecurities - How autism affects siblings.

    Editor's Note: Having actually written it all out in one big page really puts things into perspective. That's some damn impressive levels of insecurity I have about myself there lol. Having said that though, I’ve decided to post what i wrote, as is. instead of putting it back in the box. I think...
  2. Living with Autism

    Advice!!! PLEASE HELP!

    Hello all! I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far. I am new to this community. I have a financee that I suspect is on the spectrum. She is extremely smart in the area of academic but she struggles in social settings. She fits all the criteria in the DSM V for ASD. However, she is not...
  3. Emzical

    Autism and Art

    Hi, very interested in the link of creativity and autism. I'm looking to explore it in my thesis. Any contributions would be very appreciated. feel free to add your own comments and answer any or all the questions you wish. thank you!;):grinning: Do you think your autism influences your art...
  4. Smiley

    Non-verbal communication

    My three year old son doesn't talk. He has resisted all our attempts to teach him to sign. I made a few picture cards for him, and he took to them really quickly, used them for three days, then stopped. If he wants something, he indicates by taking someone (usually me) by the hand and leading...
  5. M

    Things you miss the most from childhood.

    Was thinking about childhood today, and some of things I used to do by myself that I don't do anymore. Might still climb a tree, or lie in soft clay mud. Or watch birds build nests for hours. Or lie in tall grass in the sun, or roll in snow or jump into the water. Somehow along the way I've...
  6. A

    Questioning my diagnosis

    hi everyone. I was diagnosed with borderline ASD/NVLD back in September of 2015. As a child I met full criteria for Asperger's syndrome. However I am beginning to question it. It seems that diagnosing ASD is very difficult to do since I am also GAD and ADHD. I function fine with medicine...
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