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new diagnosis

  1. O

    Just diagnosed via Psychiatry UK, but feel very conflicted (CW: sexual abuse)

    I am a 33-year-old cisgender woman. I've been entertaining the idea I'm autistic for about a decade, and began focused, meaningful research on the subject a year ago. I read everything I could get my hands on by Sarah Hendrickx, Tony Attwood, Luke Beardon and so on. Prior to the diagnosis I...
  2. They wonder about Stevie Wonder

    They wonder about Stevie Wonder

    So, I'm new to this craic. I was into social media but gave it up completely during lockdown. Between whatever was going on with me(autism and cancer) at the time and the falsity of media itself, I was happy to say good luck. It changed,social media from when I first went on it. Then again, when...
  3. Jay A

    Hello, new here

    Hi there, I never know how to introduce myself. I've recently been officially diagnosed with Autism and ADHD, and am just hoping to find a good community where I can feel less weird asking questions about things like 'how do I make eye contact with my dad for more than 5 seconds?' lol. I'm...
  4. D

    Newly diagnosed 20 month old

    hi all, Our son who is 20 month old has been diagnosed with autism this week. We are hoping to reach out to this forum to get some guidance and encouragement. Our little boy does not respond to his name. He avoids eye contact and playing with others. He has repetitive pacing, flapping of hands...
  5. Wyllowdaemon

    Therapist thinks I have Asperger's. 43 year old female

    Hello. I'm not entirely sure what to say. I'm looking for some advice and help. I'm 43, married, work full time to a hospital. I've had bad anxiety and depression most of my life and problems with social interaction and making friends most of it. There were periods I did though, but time...
  6. Cherryblossom

    Hello.. anybody else having work issues?

    I am new to the site, hello! I was diagnosed with aspergers one year ago this month and still getting used to the idea. Did anybody else feel both relieved and unsure if it was in fact correct? I have researched and researched to ensure it is suitable and accurate for my circumstances...
  7. Greyh0und

    I'm bad at titles

    Hello everyone! Y'all can call me Grey until I work up the courage to give out my real name. I'm 17 years old and have been recently 'diagnosed' at a therapy session. I've been researching since, and have ended up here, hoping that this may be an easier way to find what I'm looking for! As a...
  8. Dahlia

    What helped?

    We just found out that my almost 6 year old son is autistic and people are pushing lots of interventions. We homeschool and he is very happy around immediate family and with our extended family. He can’t really make friends with peers, but he is a huge sweetheart and gets lots of love and...
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