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Newly diagnosed 20 month old


New Member
hi all,
Our son who is 20 month old has been diagnosed with autism this week. We are hoping to reach out to this forum to get some guidance and encouragement.
Our little boy does not respond to his name. He avoids eye contact and playing with others. He has repetitive pacing, flapping of hands. He does make some babbling sounds. He does not point. He tips toes a lot.
We wanted to reach out here to see if there are parents out there who had a toddler like ours and let us know how he/she did over time. We are hoping that one day our little boy can speak!
Welcome to the Forums! I hope you make new friends and enjoy your stay in the process! :)
Hello there, I'm brand new to this site, too. I've joined for many reasons, but one of which is because I suspect my 18-month old is on the spectrum. He does not reply to his name when called, or will eventually but only after manyyy attempts, and then just flashes an angry look and then looks away again. He does some arm flapping, but not much, curious when your child began this behavior, as well as the tip-toe thing—I haven't heard about that being a symptom, but my son definitely does do that. My son also doens't speak yet and is supposed to know at least 6 words before his next pediatrician appointment which will be in a couple weeks.

As far as guidance, I have none at all, I am totally lost myself—but, in terms of encouragement, I have been researching and there does seem to be evidence that therapy at a young age (18-24 months) can help with language development, social relating, and sensory issues in a tangible way.
Welcome to Autism Forums, desmondc.

I am a senior with no children, but, have a life of experience with living the autism life.
I have read of children who develop late with speech, but, it does happen eventually.
Responding to being called seems to be a part of wanting to ignore others right from the start.
A part of the not caring about being social.
Often said, we live in our head. True.
I never developed the want for friends.
The walk IS a symptom. Walking on toes or toes striking first when walking.
I have been to physical therapy where they tried to get me to walk with heel strike first,
but it just doesn't feel right. Can't get the hang of it.
Trying to fix this didn't happen when I was young though.
By adulthood it was just natural. It just looks different to others I guess.

I didn't have so much arm and hand flapping or pacing. Mine was rocking.
No problems with speech development, just selective mutism around other people besides
parents. Only child.
I think early intervention would be key. I just didn't receive it and wasn't recognised with ASD
back when I was a child.
Welcome, desmondc. Your son is very lucky to have parents who will proactively reach out and research for information to help him. I don't have experience with a young young child with autism as a parent, but I have worked with a few autistic children and just wanted to say that speech isn't the only way for people to communicate. I have seen autistic children learn to communicate through sign language quite successfully. Might be worth considering as an option :).

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