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  1. Angie97797


    So like I have been having a really terrible week. The reason is that my friend told me a secret months ago, and just last week she was accusing me of saying bad stuff to one of my friends because they said something that was vaguely similar. I didn’t say anything, Istg it was a complete...
  2. C

    Am I overreacting?

    Hi I've been in a monogamous relationship with my high-functioning aspie boyfriend for a couple of yrs now. He always struggled to express his emotions etc but it's getting to the point where I just don't feel love from him at all and I need to know if the relationship is just not worth it or...
  3. onlything

    When is the time to let go of friendship?

    I apologise from the get-go since it can turn a bit long. My best friend lives in a different country. It's one of the reasons why it became so difficult to keep that friendship. We meet a few times a year but despite all of our effort we became more and more distanced from each other. It's not...
  4. S

    How to deal with HeartBreak?!

    I am a recently come to terms aspie and I went through a break up last night over the phone and I just didn't feel anything? I really do love her and I had this night planned where I was going to say the 3 big words and not I never will. I feel like I should be hurting or upset or crying because...
  5. Write, Rinse, Repeat


    Sometimes, I'm so overwhelmed that I shut down. The words don't want to come, and everything feels overstimulating, and all I feel like I can do is space out. No thoughts really. Not much feelings either, or so it would seem to an outsider. Really though, it's like the volume is turned to a...
  6. MrSpock

    Defining Hurt

    I don't know how useful this thread might be. I very recently got an idea of how lost I am (we are?), thought I'd share. I was having a conversation regarding a woman I'm sexually/romantically interested in, and I was asked if she had done anything to hurt me. I stated that I didn't know her...
  7. E

    Relationship Issues

    Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I have had diagnosed with Asperger's since i was 4. Anyways, what I wanted to talk about was an issue I have had in the past and wondered if you could help me with. Whenever I get into a relationship for a while, I break up with them. I feel like I make up things just so I...
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