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  1. Kavigant

    Anyone else hate Halloween?

    To me, it just feels like a world full of strangers constantly sending my brain signals of danger. It feels like ugly colors, ugly masks, ugly behavior by people hiding behind ugly masks. And adults acting childish (rather than childlike, which can be wonderful), spending hundreds of dollars...
  2. DaisyRose

    Halloween 2023

    Does anyone dress up on Halloween anymore? I am going goth this year and I’m excited. I love the goth aesthetic. Last year, I dressed as if I was in the 80s.
  3. Rodafina

    Will Critters Carve My Pumpkin?

    Last year, @maycontainthunder inspired me: https://www.autismforums.com/threads/post-something-weird-or-random.4754/post-902706 I tried, but these were the results: https://www.autismforums.com/threads/post-something-weird-or-random.4754/post-905932 Time to try again. :smilingimp...
  4. SusanLR

    Do you decorate for Halloween? Post Pics...

    Dare ye enter the dark doors...
  5. G


    Hope this isn’t too triggering but, with the Triduum of the Dead coming up, I figured I’d ask, what are your thoughts on mortality? Do you think being Autistic makes us more aware of our mortality than Neurotypicals? Or is perhaps the opposite is true, that we’re better at distracting ourselves...
  6. G

    What are the rules regarding posting Horror Stories on here?

    With All-Hallows' Eve coming up, I was think about starting a thread in which we share horror stories, but I was wondering if they would conform with the rules on this site? Of the stories I'm thinking of sharing, there's only one of them that's genuinely gory, but the gore is so subtle, you...
  7. Butterfly88

    Free Costume Quest Halloween Game from Epic Games

    Happy Halloween! Epic Games is offering a free Adventure/RPG game called Costume Quest. I plan to play it tonight to get in the Halloween mood. Here's the link to the game: Costume Quest
  8. Mr Allen

    What's your Halloween costume for today?

    Topic. I'm currently wearing the tried and tested Batman outfit, planning a trip to Meadowhall wearing it if we've got time later, I'm expecting a phone call today about the job I had a telephone interview for on Monday. So anyway, do you dress up for Halloween? What are you wearing if so...
  9. Mr Allen

    Do you do anything for Halloween?

    Above. Last year I went to a Charity fancy dress do at a local Masonic Hall, and I usually go out dressed up as something suitable like a Vampire, got a big black cape and Dracula teeth and stuff. How about you lot? Do you do anything? This year might be a laugh for me, because Halloween...
  10. M

    Carving pumpkins, do you?

    Since I was a child carving pumpkins was something I looked forward to when the weather became colder. Used to use a long bread knife with a serrated blade and my father's bowie knife. Apparently it began as a tradition among the Irish; "According to Irish folklore, a man called Jack...
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