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Do you decorate for Halloween? Post Pics...


Curiosity's Cat
V.I.P Member
Halloween16 008.JPG
Dare ye enter the dark doors...

Halloween 035.JPG
Halloween16 016.JPG
When I delivered papers a few years ago, one house always made an elaborate display with tombstones, spider webs, et al.

I would tease, "
Wow! You really let this place go, didn't you...?"

Here is some mood music for the OP,...
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
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Oh, that's getting in the Halloween spirit!

I didn't get to decorate necessarily but I am currently chilling out with the old-time AM radio on, listening to the local station playing fun music. Right now it's the Jewish show playing klezmer, after the Polish Melody Hour, but last night they had Hallowe'en music on last night on a show called "Nothing but Old 45's", including "The Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture-Show (IMHO the best part of the movie. One, the movie still creeps me out; two, how could it get better than that fantastic song) and some of the other fun music.

Tonight when it's dark out I'll be playing "Diablo" by the Police Guard Band of Mexico, from way back in 1910, on my 1909 Edison wax-cylinder phonograph. That's got a bit of that fun old-school Halloween feel to it.

And outside the leaves on the trees are turned colors, or starting to (Yes I moved out of the city, thank God for that) and the weather is nice & chilly, so it's perfect for the time of year.
I will string up my pumpkin lights on the mantle piece, and light orange and black candles in front of pictures of loved ones who have passed on.
Do you practice dia del muerto for remembrance of loved ones. I've always thought it is a fascinating tradition.
Not exactly, but I like to acknowledge those who have proceeded me and to show respect. Sort of like the Asian tradition, although I am not Asian. I also consider it sort of a new beginning as the autumn ends.
Wow! You did such a great job! And you look beautiful!

I didn't really decorate this year. I did buy the wartiest pumpkin in the world though! I had two gourds that I put next to it on the porch.

I dressed up with my daughter and we went out trick or treating. Twas fun. We went to the rich people houses (where they give the good candy), and one family was giving out jello shooters to the moms and dads!

A funny thing about the tract homes where the rich people live. When we first moved to this neighborhood, the land where the houses now stand was an old closed down National Guard armory. My daughter and I used to explore it all the time. There were signs everywhere warning about arsenic in the soil, and the risk of possible unexploded munitions.

Then they bulldozed the old armory, and it was a brownfield. About a year later they built those lovely six bedroom McMansions over it. It's now got a little park and all kinds of walking paths throughout it. Lots of nice, smiling families with super cute puppy dogs live there.

I wonder how many people who live in the tract homes know the history.
Beautiful pictures. I bought a tiny little home last year and l didn't want to appear to tacky. Just two spiders and some spikes in the ground.

I use to dress up has a celebrity with my former spouse. One year, l pulled off Elivira, and he was the Dog, bounty hunter. The next year, l went as Marilyn, and he went as Michael Jackson. It was fun.

I would like to go as cat lady and attach a bunch of cat toys to my coat. And with outlandish glasses and curlers in my hair.
I don’t really decorate for holidays but I have some stuff for them if I do decide to decorate. I like Halloween but most of the decorations don’t interest me that much. I’m more into dressing up and candy part and a bit of watching spooky movies to get into the mood. I like decorating for Christmas much better tbh.

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