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  1. A

    Share your stories and experiences

    You have a view, why not express it? Your story could make a big difference. We want to give autistic people a platform to share their experiences in day-to-day situations, be it on public transport, in healthcare settings, in supermarkets, or other everyday scenarios. Whether it’s a positive...
  2. Nummulite

    How you relate to fiction (a survey)

    Let's say you're reading a story, and something happens to one of the characters. I'll present three versions of this scenerio, and possible responses you might have. 1. The situation in the story is something you yourself have never experienced before (for example, the character's beloved dog...
  3. B

    Cannabis Usage (Any similar experiences?)

    Cannabis Usage (Any similar experiences?) So I am 26 years old (officially diagnosed when around 12) and I always have been struggling with social rules and dynamics and id say its more of a disconnect between my own self within me and the person society expects me to be (social rules). And...
  4. SparklAng

    Clear ears = Messy mind

    Ok, so I have had problems with my ears for a few years now. I was effectivly deaf in one ear. I finally had a ENT (ears nose and throat) appointment at the hospital, and after a lot of sticking various instruments and 'ear hoovers' into my ears, they retrived a few, urm, objects. (I dont...
  5. P

    Do you think I have Asperger's Syndrome?

    Hi All, I'm currently in the process of being diagnosed, but for now are these traits associated with Asperger's? I fixate severely on things like music, sport and politics and go on and on about them often not knowing that the other person isn't happy with it. It feels like a compulsive urge...
  6. T

    Just finding out I'm Asp.

    I am an undiagnosed Aspie that is finding out for the first time that I have AS. I cannot hold a job and live at home. I have all the good qualities of an Aspie in spades. I wont go into my talents because they are quite typical for someone with AS and most of you are aware of the strengths of...
  7. Ster

    How did you find out you had aspergers?

    My parents knew from the very start. I walked before I crawled when I was a baby, I wouldn't speak to anyone, and it was pretty hard for me to socialize. I've always been known as one of the "weird kids" at school, and I never understood why I couldn't fit in, or understand subjects the same way...
  8. T

    Entry 1 - 'I have a hopeless crush on someone I stand no chance with.'

    I came to university in September 2015, and if there was one thing I wasn't expecting, it was to meet the perfect girl for me. She loves football, video games, The 1975, near enough the same things. She is incredibly pretty, and just her smile makes me feel funny. She's always on my mind and I...
  9. LeroyT1000

    Job Update!

    Hi everyone I hope you are all in good health! I started a new job towards the end of January. Things are going good. The hours are the same each week and so are the days and the work is based on fixing laptops, tablets and mobiles phones. Taking holidays requires only 48 hrs notice as I am...
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