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  1. Kavigant

    Tips for introducing new puppy to my anxious dog?

    I own a very sweet and loving dog who is very sensitive and anxious. He reacts fearfully to strangers, prefers routines, and prefers to stay in the house. We will be introducing a new puppy in a couple of weeks (my wife needs a dog who actually likes going for walks), and I'd appreciate some...
  2. dogmotorboat.jpg


  3. B

    Allistic/Autistic Relationship//Issues with Control

    Hi there, I'm borg, I'm allistic, but have a whole host of other psychiatric diagnoses and am also disabled. My wife is Autistic, no formal diagnosis as of yet, she's at the beginning of her journey in coming to terms with her autism. I have a number of autistic people in my life and strive to...
  4. YancyyyComet9000

    My dog passed away today

    My dog passed away today. I know I should feel sad, logically thinking I know I would be and I am I guess. But I don't really feel it. Death has never really been something I fully understand I guess. The thing that's hitting hardest is knowing how much this will change now. My dog has been a...
  5. Roxiee

    Meet... cassie!

    She's a super cutie! Excuse my ugly face
  6. Pitbull commission

    Pitbull commission

    This is an 18 x 20 oil painting I completed a couple months ago as a commission for a friend of mine. I posted this in my introductory thread when asked about my art but wanted to upload it to a media collection too. I'll be slowly adding my past and current artwork to my media album over time!
  7. Greyh0und

    I'm bad at titles

    Hello everyone! Y'all can call me Grey until I work up the courage to give out my real name. I'm 17 years old and have been recently 'diagnosed' at a therapy session. I've been researching since, and have ended up here, hoping that this may be an easier way to find what I'm looking for! As a...
  8. Butterfly88

    Therapy dog for young girl on autism spectrum missing

    Therapy dog for young girl on autism spectrum missing NORWICH — Norwich Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a therapy dog. The dog goes by the name of Mookie and was the dog for a young girl on the austism spectrum. Mookie was last seen in the area of 90 North Street...
  9. Ste11aeres

    Dog Lovers: Do you love a breed which is not for everyone?

    http://www.realpitbull.com/notforeveryone.html Taken from the website linked above: Studying breed trends over the course of the 20th century, there is a clear pattern that shows popularity for any breed is extremely detrimental. Popularity manifests itself in a variety of problematic ways...
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