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  1. tripleU

    Enthusiastically being "cured"

    Hi, my mom, forces me to go to this place to "cure" autism. No! The person curing there doesn't even know oxygen exists, as they boil/fry oil and then put their feet in it, Which causes a lot of breathing problems, then he applies it mostly to overweight people, a baby with a large head, a...
  2. M

    Doing my Research Project on autism for school...

    Hey everyone I'm from Australia and in Year 12 (senior year, year 13, whatever you call the final year of secondary school in your country) we do a research project about a topic of our choice. My topic of choice is the possibility of an ethically sourced cure for autism. Note that I do not...
  3. M

    Possible Cause and Cure for Emotional Problems in Autism

    Many autistic people think no one likes them because they're different which can cause a bunch of emotional problems. Limited social interaction may cause you to misunderstand situations and misinterpret people's motives. Emotional reasoning and other cognitive distortions are common so it can...
  4. M

    Autism recovery story

    Bruno Bettelheim, a psychoanalyst who studied autistic children, wrote in his book "The Empty Fortress" in 1967 that children with classic autism displayed symptoms consistent with parental rejection and claimed he helped them recover from autism through purely psychological intervention. He...
  5. Pinkie B

    Autism and Gut Flora

    Autism symptoms replicated in mice after faecal transplants Just saw this article in the Guardian this morning. It says that an autistic fecal transplant can cause autistic symptoms in otherwise non-autistic mice. There is anecdotal evidence that it can reduce symptoms in people when...
  6. Joshua the Writer

    Amazon Removes More Books Peddling Autism ‘Cures’

    [Obviously not written by me] Amazon Removes More Books Peddling Autism ‘Cures’ ——————————————— For the second time this year, online retail giant Amazon says it has pulled multiple books from its site that claim to offer cures for autism and other conditions. Amazon confirmed that it removed...
  7. pjcnet

    Would you take a magic pill to permanently transform into an NT?

    This question obviously only applies to members who are on the autistic spectrum. Many people on the autistic spectrum like myself must wonder what it would be like to be NT, how would it actually feel? Well what if a full so called "cure" suddenly became available? In fact it could almost be...
  8. dr.thesis

    Looking for a group to help survey to conduct thesis on aspergers:

    Hello, I am looking for a group of people that have an awareness and understanding of their conditions and are willing to try an exercise that could possibly unlock their social ques. I want to share an awaking that I've experienced and want people to have that joy. What if I was to say there is...
  9. N

    Hi I'm Niky

    A couple of people in my life have pointed out that they think I have aspergers. While I disagreed at first and found them amusing, I later started to wonder as well. I don't want to get diagnosed because I don't want it to affect my career. Anyway, I've always had trouble fitting into...
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