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  1. Stuttermabolur

    Historical invention blueprints

    Post your old blueprints here. I count anything not detailing something we use everyday as "historical", even if the blueprint itself is only a few decades old. Try to include the name of the inventor as well as the invention if you can. The more bonkers, useless and idiosyncratic of an...
  2. HDLSeanWiley

    For anyone who was recently diagnosed, I think this video would really help you out a lot:

    It's only about 6 minutes, but I think it will help you more than you could ever think:
  3. eriley74

    Hi, Aspie Writer here!!

    Hi everybody and Happy New Year, My name is Eric. I was officially diagnosed with Asperger's a few years ago. My 14 y.o. daughter was diagnosed with high-functioning autism 8 years ago with inadvertent help from her teacher, a kid fresh out of college with zero training in handling ASD...
  4. Elly Gay

    Participants required: Autism, Social Media & Quality of Life

    Autism, Social Media & Quality of Life Study Introduction: Hello, I'm Elly and I'm a Psychology student at University of East London. I also have a sibling with autism. About the research: I'm investigating the relationship between social media use and quality of life in adults with autism...
  5. NikkiNic

    Introduction: Nikki, 23 and still learning about my own brain

    Hi everyone, I have yet to receive a diagnosis of anything on the spectrum but I do struggle with SPD. But, the more research I do the more I relate to the stories from people with ASD or Aspergers. While I want to seek out professional opinions I would also love to talk with some people to gain...
  6. A

    A sense of community, the importance of my Aspie Tribe

    I'm so grateful for this site. I don't think I realized the importance of community, of a sense of belonging, until I found my tribe. At work, trying to navigate the NT world, trying to do my best socially, it helps me in a profound way to remember this community here as my tribe, to remember...
  7. Questella

    Local ASD Community

    Is there a place or a way to find out if there is any kind of asd community around me? I don't mean like autism speaks, but more like a "club" of people with asd for asd or something if that's makes sense... something more aimed towards adults...
  8. Merilthel

    Hi!! :)

    Hello everyone! I am the newest member of this loving and awesome aspie& autism community and am absolutely delighted to have become a part of it! Let me introduce myself, My name is Ebba, am a 33 year old musician, proud aspie (officially diagnosed in 2008), animal-rights fighter and just...
  9. Rocco

    Reaching out, messages, likes And Suspicion?

    So it is probably no surprise to most members here that I reach out to people a lot. I message people, write things in profile pages, extend well wishes or birthday wishes and click the like buttons a lot. Over the years I have read many statements by fellow aspies expressing suspicion when...
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