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  1. M

    Being patient with behaviors neurotypcials do not (generally) tolerate

    How many posters here accept behaviors that hardly any neurotypicals would accept?
  2. J

    Autistic client worries about behavior with other staff

    A guy whom I know at a program in which I work for people with disabilities. He has high functioning autism. He got in trouble for following a staff member around who is a young woman whom he likes. We had a discussions. She made a complaint. He constantly worries about other staff members who...
  3. PinkPhilodendron

    Should I apologize?

    Hey guys, I need your evaluation and recommendation please. I had a phone call with my colleague/supplier last week who I am still crushing on and usually the mood is rather nice and fun and teasing when we talk. But this time we hit a bump. It started out very nice and charming in the...
  4. M

    Behavior that is both normal and not normal?

    Behavior that neurotypicals exhibit is said to be normal and behavior of autistic people that intimidates them is said to be unusual or not normal. But apparently just because neurotypicals exhibit a behavior doesn't mean they tolerate it from an autistic person. When people have done that to...
  5. Gerald Wilgus

    Are we susceptible to equating freedom and selfishness?

    I came across an interesting discussion. "The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy: that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness." As usual, I use such for introspection and wonder at past behaviors where I evidently...
  6. shinobi

    I'm struggling to make new friends

    I moved to Yorkshire in October 2016 and it's now August 2019 and I still haven't made any friends here, I'm worried about what to say or how to approach people. I had lots of friends back in Bedfordshire and in London, I don't know what to do, I feel really isolated, I've been thinking about...
  7. shinobi

    Dealing with Meltdowns/Shutdowns

    My question is, how do you cope? I still struggle even to this very day when everything overwhelms me. I've had grown adults making fun of me in public, labeling me as a "spoiled brat" and demanding me to be taken to hospital to be "drugged and locked up". Usually when people approach me...
  8. J

    Hard Times; In search for guidence

    Hello everyone, I am in search for some guidence. I currently work for one individual with autism. Let me fill you in on the back ground story. This individual is an adult male. 6 foot, 180 lbs. He is completely in the minority with current problem behavior. I see aggression to staff, high...
  9. DesertRose

    Women on the spectrum, masking

    Hi, I'm wondering if there are women on the spectrum out there, who are confused about, or maybe just don't do the masking thing. Masking is where a female watches her friends closely, then adapts her behavior to be like her friends. In other words, copying the behaviors to blend in. I always...
  10. M

    Cats that do strange things?

    Does your cat do strange things? Went outside today to find my cat Iggy (formerly know as Pinky) Asleep beside my car, at first I thought he was dead. Right out in the open, he woke up later because a fly was bothering him. He seems to have no stalking, hiding, hunting, instincts whatsoever...
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