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  • Something about laying in bed feels particularly nice tonight. Then again, laying in bed during the night was something I always looked forward to. A sense of calm and warmth before facing a new day.
    This is fun. I have found out that I have clinical depression. Well... not offically. But all the symptoms line up with alot of my behaviors. It also explains why I have issues with paying attention.
    You just soldier on, learning to recognize when it ebbs and when it flows so as to accommodate it to your advantage. And to above all cut yourself some slack over it.
    I got back from my trip on Sunday. The trip up to and from Annapolis was draining. I know what I posted before and I did see all the monuments in DC. Also saw the White House, Capitol Building, Pentagon, and Supreme Court.

    Though I have some self revelations that came from the trip too. But that's a post all it's own
    I grew up in Maryland. Annapolis is beautiful. DC stressed me out, but I went enough to see the Smithsonian whenever I wanted and could. It is cool you got self realizations from it too.
    I grew up just southwest of DC in Fairfax, VA. My father was a graduate of the USNA in Annapolis. Always liked Annapolis.
    I am going to be going to Washington D.C. with my family. Yes, my stepmother, father, and half-siblings. It'll be good for two reasons. Seeing location that I've not been to, and looking at my family from a new perspective. Whether I'll do this kinda thing again is questionable. But part of the journey is figuring these things out.
    I had a pretty good day all things considered. Just laying in bed atm. I hope everyone has a great rest/day.
    Been doing some serious self-reflection. I am thinking about making a post later on about the darkest time in my life. My findings about it anyway.

    This is the finished drawing. Drawing it was simple. The coloring was another thing all together. I hope it looks good.
    I am very close to finishing the coloring of a drawing I've been working at. All drawn and colored by hand.
    I've made a breakthrough on why I tend to be suddenly off a lot of times. This came about after yesterday with me struggling to do much of anything, let alone speaking.
    Understanding can be very helpful, even if it comes about from unfortunate situations. Glad you are having breakthroughs.
    I am thinking that coffee from Burger King I had yesterday threw things off a bit. Not doing that again. I'm sticking to decaf if I want coffee.
    Sometimes I wonder why things happen when they do. It feels like fate that I'd eventually find myself. It just took longer than expected. Everyone evolves and processes at thier own pace.
    I got a birthday text from both my half-sisters today and I have been unable to really think of what I make of that. They have never done this before.
    It's been windy where I live. And I still have one more day of this. The worst part is the pollen...
    Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 15-11-52 Aspie Quiz.png

    Just tried the Aspie Test today and this is what came up. Questions I didn't have a answer for I left as "I don't know". Most of them that I didn't have an answer for was mostly more romantic relationship questions.
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